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The advantages and disadvantages of capital punishment

For citizenship/religious studies.

Hannah Carter

on 27 March 2013

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Transcript of The advantages and disadvantages of capital punishment

By Hannah Carter The advantages and disadvantages of Capital Punishment THE DEATH PENALTY Capital punishment or the death penalty is a legal process whereby a person is put to death by the state as a punishment for a crime. For someone to get the death penalty the crime committed is usually murder.

This presentation discusses the advantages and disadvantages of Capital Punishment, it also includes short video clip. Trevor McDonald is interviewed on This Morning about his time filming a documentary called 'Inside Death Row'. He talks about his own personal opinion on the death penalty and what it was like filming in Indiana State Prison. Inside death row with Trevor McDonald. * It is the only way to ensure 100% that the offender will not commit more crimes.

* It can provide some closure for the family of the offenders victims.

* Capital Punishment could stop criminals from offending.

*If the death penalty were abolished, they would have no reason not to commit crime, and you would lose a lot of innocent people.

*The old testament states an eye for an eye. Which means if you take someones life your life should be taken too. The advantages of Capital Punishment * There is no way to rescind the sentence if the offender is later found innocent.

* Execution is often more costly for the state than life imprisonment would be, due to the appeals process.

* It can cause emotional distress for family members of the offenders and sometimes even the family of the victims.

* It erodes the moral high ground on which greater society is claimed to sit.

* The new. testament is more about forgiveness than revenge The disadvantages of Capital Punishment Watch until 7:32 Me personally, i do not believe in killing people to show killing people is wrong. The law contradicts itself there. I think people that have committed a serious crime should spend life imprisonment. Spending the rest of your life in prison is tough enough, yes you do get privileges for good behavior but they have to work hard for it. Also you get to reflect on what you have done and you can come out the other side a new person. Hanging, shooting, electric chair and the lethal injection these are the methods they use, some worse than others. I think the death penalty is inhumane. My Opinion
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