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nerf presentation

Courtney Warren

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of Physics

Project Nerf The Experiment Goal: The goal of this experiment is to determine the velocity of a Nerf projectile. Begin Testing Set up the gun on wooden stool (.85 meters tall)
Taped gun at a 45 degree angle (using wooden blocks)
Laid tape on the floor and laid tape measure next to it 0 m-9 m
Two people watched where the bullet landed
One person recorded distance Testing and Results We tested bullets A, B, and C each 100 times.

Average Distance Velocity Time
Bullet A 7.84 m 8.44 m/s .9 s
Bullet B 8.11 m 8.56 m/s .9 s
Bullet C 7.93 m 8.46 m/s .9 s Conclusion Bullet A: Bullet B: Bullet C: Hypothesis: If three different bullets are shot out of the same Nerf gun, each bullet will travel a different distance and have a different velocity. Determining the Velocity of a Nerf Projectile Bullet B traveled the farthest and had the fastest velocity.
The velocities of Bullets A and C were nearly identical.
The time for all three bullets was nearly the same.
We concluded that the head weight of the bullet does make
a difference regarding the velocity and total distance each
bullet travels. Statistical Analysis Standard Deviation How we found velocity We found velocity and time using the following two equations: Dy= Viyt + 1/2Ayt² Dx= Vxt or t=Dx/Vx Diagram Variables Dx=average distance
Dy=.85 m
θ=45° Vx=vcosθ=vcos45°=.7v
Ay=9.8m/s^2 Mean Median Mode
Bullet A 8.44 8.68 8.44
Bullet B 8.56 8.975 9.04
Bullet C 8.46 8.83 8.52 Bullet A
Bullet B
Bullet C 0.3144534940
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