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Quebec conference and London conference

No description

Maureen Curtin

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Quebec conference and London conference

The Meetings that Formed Canada #1 Charlottetown Conference

September 1864
Reps from the United Province of Canada visited the Maritimes conference to pitch their idea of forming a united Canada #2 Québec Conference

October 1864
Needed to discuss the details of how the new country would run
NFLD came to observe
BC was too far away to be included
Spent 3 weeks developing a list of 72 resolutions outlining the "rules" of the country
#3 The London Conference

December 1866
Reps spoke with British officials about the future of the BNA colonies
Canada became Britain's first self-governing Dominion
Canada was not entirely independent, as Britain still had control over foreign policy
Opposition to the Québec Resolutions

pg. H60 #1

Create and complete an organizer to show the dates, representatives attending, and key features of the Charlottetown Conference, the Québec Conference, and the London Conference.
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