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Would Life Be Better Without Secrets?

No description

Nicole Violet

on 16 June 2014

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Transcript of Would Life Be Better Without Secrets?

Would Life Be Better Without Secrets?
Primary Research
In order to find out if life would be better without secrets, I conducted a few primary searches.
If you have me, you will want to share me, if you share me I will be gone.
Think About it......
Would life be better without secrets, for YOU?
I E-mailed Dr. Jonathan Butner from the university of Utah, the Department of Psychology. I asked a few questions and he replied a very long and descriptive E-mail back with the answers to my questions. His answer to my big question was a 'double sword', which means a yes and a no answer, and he gave me a few examples of how secrets are useful in life, and how secrets are not useful in life.
Why did I choose this Question?
I chose this question because it involves friendship and happiness.
Secondary Research
In order to find out if life would be better without secrets, I conducted a few secondary searches.
Based on the evidence I have found, secrets can be bad for your health, create stress, depression and even have been known to lead to cancer!

Any Questions?
Jonathan Butner
Based on the evidence I have found, that without secrets in the medical world, doctors would not feel confident to save people's lives. Medical staff would be free to share embarrassing stories about patients.
Based on the evidence I have found, secrets
protect your money, but they also protect the bad people. Identity theft is a rising crime and if we had no secrets, then it would be chaos!
I think life would not be better without secrets because many professions HAVE to keep secrets, and because there would be many more conflicts in life, more then there are now.
'Friendship.about.com' says that secrets can rip friendship apart, so be careful and try not to hurt one another!:)
Special thanks to:)
My Conclusion
I made a survey for both group 7IT, group 7KC, and my family. I asked them if life would be better without secrets, and 67% of them said that life would not be better without secrets, and 33% of them said that life would be better without secrets.
Would life be better without secrets? Based on my interview, my surveys, and my research I conclude that my hypothesis was correct. Secrets are a double edged sword, but overall they they protect people from bad incidents, hurt feelings, and stress. While I don't approve secrets that harm, I do think protecting our doctors, our banking information and our friend's feelings is worth a few secrets.
My teacher Mr. Ian
My parents,
My mentor, Juf Ellen,
And my student mentors, Eric, Zoe P. and Hanshika, And not to forget my Awesome friends!!
How to tell if someones lying:
Facial expressions
Eyebrows move/frown
nose touching
mouth covering
eye movement
Eye movement
If you are right handed, and you are lying, your eyes move up and left. If you are left handed it is the other way around.
Body language
Sweat more
Nodding their head
breath faster followed by on deep breath.
Verbal responses
correct what you just said
Impulsive and emotional signs
Repeating the same answer over and over
Answer directly to a question like if it was rehearsed.
Why did I choose this question
Primary research
Secondary research
How to see if someones lying
Ultimately every time you share a secret, you damage someone, and you help someone else.
Quiz time!!
1)Why did I choose this question?

2)What was one of the signs of someone lying?

3)Who was the first person on the list that I thanked?

4)Which profession did I mention that deals with secrets?

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