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Seasons Of a Tree

No description

Traci McKinney

on 13 October 2013

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Transcript of Seasons Of a Tree

Seasons Of a Tree
Writing Assignment
Detail 1
Begin observing the leaves in the fall when school begins and take notes in a journal. Write down what the tree looks like, what color the leaves are, etc..
Detail 2
Every week you will be required to write at least one complete paragraph about what you have observed. I will expect details in every paragraph.
Detail 3
As the seasons change, you will begin to notice new things and your observations will be reflected in your writing.

Contains 4 sentences
Contains 2 accurate seasonal details
Contains proper sentence structure
Contains proper spelling and grammar
Journal notes were submitted
5 requirements fulfilled = A
4 requirements fulfilled = B
3 requirements fulfilled = C
2 requirements fulfilled = D
1 requirements fulfilled = F

Portfolio grade will be a weighted grade that is an average of all submitted grades throughout the year.

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