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melek örensoy

on 10 June 2013

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Transcript of food

FOODS the right food for the right mood FOODS BRAINY
FOODS The food we eat affects our mood.

Do you eat when you get bored?

Some foods have the features of a natural antidepressant.

We are happy when we eat them. BRAINY FOODS Some foods help your brain work better. Fısh Fish have a high percentage of calcium, thus may contain mercury. ENERGY FOODS The best way to feel energetic is to have meals that contain a lot of protein . Cold water Mild cold water will raise your energy level. Seeds The body creates a sense of relaxation and calmness.

Seeds are the most widely used snack in the world. Fruıt HAPPY FOODS Milk,
bananas and
leafy green vegetables

may produce pleasant feelings. Chocolate Chocolate can also make us feel happier as it raises the sugar level in our body. Chips There is no health-related harm, unless consumed excessively.

Chips are so much fun to eat with friends. Gum Chewing gum increases brain activity, and decreases risk of Alzheimer. Fruits are rich in
vitamins and minarels RELAXING FOODS Eat right to restore your sanity,

reduce your panic and

quell your stress

you'll look better as a result Yoghurt So since I'm feeling this way or that mood;
I'm going to the kitchen to get me some... Coffee
EAT RİGHT, FEEL GREAT Wholegrain Foods Whole grain foods stores energy. Yoghurt is an important nutrition for our body.

It shines the human skin at the same time.

Helps to lose weight and helps to sleep better.
Green Tea Green tea sets peace in human mind.

Helps to lose weight

Prevents cavities. Coffee has some advantages and disadvanteges.

It helps to stay awake,

But consuming too much will form habit increases Students' concentration. Helps to feel full and increases alertness. Fruits do not put on weight HAPPY
FOODS NUTS Nut is a good source of energy. LEAFY VEGETABLES Vegetables improves memory. Green vegetables prevent depression Nuts recover body and mind tidiness.
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