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Chemical Persuasion - Brave New World Essay Sumary

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Katelynn Gravelle

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of Chemical Persuasion - Brave New World Essay Sumary

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Chemical Persuasion Brave New World: Essay Summary The drug in real life: In India it is believed that the drug soma was used by the ancient Aryan invaders. The affects of the drug made the people who took it have more strength , had more courage and also more joy. The drug also had drawbacks, a lot of people died and became very ill from taking it. This was a very dangerous drug. The Soma Drug The drug soma in the book acts kind of like their religion.The drug was literally the essence of life and almost everyone who took it was not even the slightest depressed. What was it in the book? In 1958 biochemist started to study the effects of drugs on our nervous systems. For example, adrenochrome and secrotonin. These new drugs temporarily alter the chemistry of the brain. New studies Reserpine, chlorpromazine and meprobamate are not quite soma but there on the path of soma. People who suffer from different types of neurosis , the drug helps them temporarily get ride of their distressing symptoms Almost Soma? America vs Russia? The soma drug in the book also had a different symptom, it was heightening. In real life, there is already a similar kind of drug called sodium amyta also called the truth serum. That drug was used by police in multiple countries to make the criminals confess to there violent crimes and acts. The truth Serum The drug in the book: In the book it is the main drug of the world and acts more of an antidepressant. When Aldous Huxley wrote the essay alcohol was a big problem causing addictions and illnesses. Also opium drugs were a major problem during that time period, also making addicts and causing serious health issues. Another very similar drug to soma is LSD- 25. This drug is very affective, it gives the taker a heavenly sense. The people who take it say it is a very enlightening drug (just like soma). Dictators use drugs? The author of this essay tell us about how dictators could manipulate these drugs to win over the public so the drugs change their moods. But the only problem would be how to make these people take the right drugs to change their moods.

One way they can do this is make pharmacists prescribe the drugs that are needed at the right time. For example if they were in a time of national crisis, the nurses would half to prescribe stimulants . Aldous makes a point in this next paragraph, he points out that between these two countries which one will come on top? The one who uses all kinds of drugs stimulants or the one who is controlled by threats and promises. Good Or Bad? There is no doubt that in the future more and different kind of drugs are going to be discovered. The problem is, is it going to bring the world to total hell or will it make it appear more heavenly? All our info was taken from the essay Chemical persuasion that Aldous Huxley wrote in 1958
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