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Sumedha Kappagantula

on 12 September 2012

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Transcript of iPods.

iPods! iPods are portable MP3 players created by Apple Inc.
The purpose of this device is to:
-Store media files like photos, music, or movies and display them.
-Download music and play it.
-Play games.
-Access internet (iPod Touch).
-Organize information.
This device would be considered as a piece of information/communication device. What is it and what's it for? The original inventor of the iPod was Steve Jobs and his team at Apple Inc. However, other MP3 players created by Diamond, Creative Labs, and Sony had been selling for a long time before the iPod came into existence.
The original iPod was first released in 2001 at a price of about $400. Who invented it and when? - Past and The first iPod had a 5 GB Toshiba hard drive, a lithium polymer battery, a scroll wheel, etc.
The only reason the first iPod was used for was for music.
The latest iPod is the iPod Touch4G; this iPod has 32GB, touch screen, cases, and more.
The iPod Touch can be used for internet, music, games, and more. Some innovations made to the iPod are:
-Storage Volume.
-User interface design.
-Software sysytems. iInnovations. Impact on Society The iPod has had a positive impact on society:
-It's portable, so you can access your songs and games on-the-go.
-Can easily find information on the internet.
However, the iPod has also had a negative impact on society:
-Can be very addicting.
-Can disrupt eyesight. The iPod has been through the "STEM process" when it was being invented, as does any device. This is the "STEM process" that might've been used when this product was being invented:
-Science: Using battery power to run, and electricity to charge.
-Technology: Creating a device that plays music on-the-go, and is not too big.
-Engineering: Creating a device that has a battery, storage space, scroll wheel, etc.
-Mathematics: What will be the size of the screen? The entire iPod? The diameter of the scroll wheel? iPods and STEM. Sumedha Elise Dilley Kappagantula A "prez-entation" on iPods Present Uses. http://ipod.about.com/od/understandingipodmodels/a/invented-ipod.htm
http://www.researchbooth.com/catagories/consumer_electronics/portable_media/ipod_innovations.php Bibliography: Thanks for watching!!! :D Picture selections: Elise Dilley.
Prezi creation: Sumedha Kappagantula
Research: Sumedha Kappagantula and Elise Dilley. Credits
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