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How To Save A Life By Sara Zarr

No description

marissa davis

on 12 May 2015

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Transcript of How To Save A Life By Sara Zarr

How To Save A Life By Sara Zarr
Jill MacSweeey is a girl who has distanced herself from everyone who loves her. Jill's father had died a couple months ago. Jill and her dad we're very close. She grieves over her father because of his death and because loosing her father was like loosing her best friend. In the first chapter, or Jill's first chapter, it mainly talks about how Jill and her father were close and how she misses him. Also, it talks about how her mother is wanting to adopt a baby. Jill believes it is to replace her father which makes her very mad.
Mandy Kalinowski is pregnant. She just wants what's best for her child, a good life that she never had. Therefor, she is giving the baby up for adoption. In the second chapter, or Mandy's first chapter, it talks about how Mandy is getting on a train to go see the family she is letting adopt the baby. Mandy's life was bad, her mother was very sexist, and overall, her life wasn't great. That's why she wants her baby to have a better life, this way the child growing having to deal with the troubles and worries that Mandy had to deal with.
Summary Of The Story:
Jill wishes everything would go back normal. Her father had died. She's gotten to the point where she has distanced herself from everyone. She barley talks to her boyfriend, Dylan or her mother, Robin. Jill's mom decided to adopt a baby and Jill thinks it's to replace her father. On the other hand, Mandy, is a single pregnant girl. Who grew up with a bad life and doesn't want her baby growing up the same way so she decided to give her baby up for a adoption. She gets on a train to meet the family that is adopting the baby.
Both girls realize that life isn't as good and as bad as it may seem.
You need to know that this book is about a pregnant teen and the family adopting her baby. One protagonist(the leading character or one of the major characters in a drama, movie, novel, or other fictional text.) reveals a sexual encounter, which happens the first time she met a boy, and another protagonist discusses her sexual relationship with her longtime boyfriend. One teen is also repeatedly sexually abused by her mother's boyfriend. Other mature material includes some swearing, parents who get drunk and hung over, and grief over a father who is killed in a car accident.
Made By Marissa
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