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The Importance of Non-Verbal

No description

Clarissa Corrigan

on 23 March 2014

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Transcript of The Importance of Non-Verbal

93% of Communication is non-verbal
The Importance of Non-Verbal

Orla Walsh
Nora Donnelly
Clarissa Corrigan
Anne Carey

Only 7% is communicated through our words
"Non-verbal expressive behaviours include facial expressions; tone of voice cues; body movements, orientations, and postures; touching; and other ways of regulating interpersonal distances."
It's not always just what you say but how you "say" it
Beneficial Uses of NVC
1. Morale
2. Success as an Employee
3. Efficiency with Clients
-> Methods of Communication
Email, telephone vs. face-to-face
The Power of NVC
1. Authority
Superiors need to know how to make their subordinates comfortable while communicating their desires in order to get results...
2. Respect
3. Support
… Subordinates need to know how to read the boss’s subtle signals to discern the best way to approach professional situations.
The Power of NVC

Inspirational Communicators?

Romney: Vs. Obama:
-Looking at audience -Unfocused
-Open-mouthed smile -Mouth closed
-Energetic expression -Fatigued expression
-Hand expression -Surrendering wave
"Your actions speak so loudly...
I cannot hear the words you say.."
of NVC
How to
use NVC
Awareness &
Positive NVC
Negative NVC
1. Disinterest
1. Professionalism
2. Respect
3. Ability
Thank you for your attention!

We welcome your questions!
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