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How to Cut a Card

No description

Chris Baron

on 17 May 2014

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Transcript of How to Cut a Card

Using the Card!
This is the payoff!
Read your card in a debate and beat the other team with your research!
Copy and share with members of your team, so they win, too!
Finding the Article
If I was a great quote,
What would I say?
Where would I be?
Skim: Don't get stuck reading bad articles
Finding the quotation
Read the entire article: you need context!
Mark the beginning of the quote
Always start with the beginning of the sentence
Try to start at beginning of paragraph
Use an opening symbol: [ < or (
Mark the end of the quote
Always mark at the end of a sentence
use a closing symbol, similar to your opening one:
] > or )
Many articles contain multiple cards
Maintain context ("he said"--who is "he"?)

Categorizing the Card
What will you use it for?
Cards need to be organized
Affirmative or Negative
Stock issue ("Harm Answer" or "Disad")
Part of argument ("link" or "answer to perm")
Citing and Tagging the card
You must give the card a "tag"
This is a declarative sentence you make up
It should persuasively and concisely state the point you are trying to make
You must accurately and completely include the citation
Improperly cited cards can get you into big trouble!
Complete citations include:
Author, qualifications, date, source, full URL (if a website), page number (if applicable)
Have a "short line" with last name, quals, date (you will read this in a debate)
Have a longer line with the other info (it can be in a smaller font: you won't read this out loud)
How to Cut a Card
For example:
For example
For example:
This looks like a negative card: uniqueness for my diplomatic capital disadvantage!
Back in the day...
Now Cards look like this!
The Way We Was...
Aligned with CDL Benchmark Benchmark 36:
Introduction to Debate Research
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