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Creative alchemy is a myth

No description

Warrick Harniess

on 15 September 2013

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Transcript of Creative alchemy is a myth

How creativity, teamwork and storytelling fuel innovation
Creative Alchemy is a Myth
The ingredients for creativity
We're making this up as we go
The difference between creativity and innovation
Creativity is delicate and must be handled carefully
Use pictures to communicate your ideas
Being a rockstar requires transferrable skills
Creative alchemy isn't magic
A mental gameworld where the rules of the normal world are suspended or changed
A physical environment that’s comfortable and inspiring, flexible and equipped with the necessary tools
An open, curious mind and all the powers of your imagination
Investigative skills and the ability to ask the right questions
Drawings, pictures and stories that serve as common reference points for the team
Constant communication between team members
“The first step is imagination, the capacity that we all have to see something in the mind’s eye. Creativity is then using that imagination to solve problems—call it applied imagination. Then innovation is putting that creativity into practice as applied creativity.”
Sir Ken Robinson, 2006
...and tell stories to help explain your pictures -
A powerful brand is simply a great story with strong visual props
Stay curious...
...like creativity, teamwork and storytelling
...it happens when people work together to build ideas and make best use of their complementary skills
Get ready to enter a world of make-believe
Innovation can be measured
...but creativity should never be measured
...and hone your investigative skills
It helps if the physical workspace is inspiring
...and flexible, comfortable and well-equipped
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