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Writing Tech I: Welcome

No description

Cindy Zepeda

on 6 June 2017

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Transcript of Writing Tech I: Welcome

Writing Techniques I: ENGL 0324
M, Tu, Wed, Th 6:00 - 8:00 pm

Step 1
Step 3
Let's look at Blackboard.

Tips for college success
Step 4
Tuesday: Writing Process; Effective Paragraphs
Wednesday: Topic Sentences; MyWritingLab
Thursday: Pathbuilder Diagnostic

Step 2
What you can expect: Syllabus
1. A little about me

2. A little about you
Home town
Area of study

Cindy Zepeda
Office Hours: 5:30 -6:00 M-Th, TREF 4310
What It's Worth
40% My Writing Lab assignments
40% Paragraph assignments
20% Final Exam/Argument paragraph

What you can expect: Class
What you can expect: Assignments
Paragraphs x 3
Descriptive (6/12; due 6/15)
Illustrating (6/19; due 6/22)
Argument (6/26; due 6/29)
Writing Lab
Initial draft
What you can expect: My Expectations
1. We start on time.
2. Absences: I will not drop you.
3. Behave appropriately.
Tame your technology.
Take care of your needs.
The Writer's World: Paragraphs and Essays, Fourth Edition
by Lynne Gaetz and Suneeti Phadke, Longman Press
isbn 13: 978-0-321-89512-7
isbn 10: 0-321-89512-6
online only
book + online
ebook + online
online + print upgrade
Monday: Paragraph Lecture
Tuesday: My Writing Lab
Wednesday: Edit and Revise Paragraph
Thursday: My Writing Lab/Paragraph due
Texas Tech University
BA, Broadcast Journalism
Tarleton State University
MEd, Curriculum and Instruction
Forest Oak Middle School, 2006-20017
8th grade English
7th grade Reading
7th & 8th grade AVID
8th grade English, Honors
English I
Paschal High School, 2017
English I
TCC, 2013-Present
Reading Techniques I
Writing Techniques I
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