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Cammi Peralta

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Halloween

5 - The origin of the famous gourd, called Jack-o-lantern, is due to the legend of Jack, that have to wander between heaven and hell walking with a flashlight hollow cabbage and burning coal. Clearly, the pumpkin is easier to empty that the cabbage. Jack-o-lantern
6 - The Halloween candy request comes from the old belief about the dead, which threatened the villagers if they refused their requests. Currently children ask candies in exchange for not making mischief, is the trick or treating. THIS IS
HALLOWEEN Curiosities on Halloween night 1 - It originated 3,000 years ago in the Celtic culture, which celebrated its year end on October 31. The belief said that night the dead returned to take over the soul of the living.

2 - With the Roman conquest, became Christianized the Celtic tradition and the fest went on to be celebrated on November 1 (All Saints Day). 3 - The name "Halloween" comes from the English expression All Hallow's Eve, which means All Saints Eve.

4 - Earlier in the ninth century in Europe, Christians were asking from town to town the calls soul cakes (raisin bread) as a function of all collected promised to pray for deceased relatives that their souls go to heaven. 7 - The masks were used to scare away the spirits that caused droughts and other disasters. Therefore, the objective in Halloween is scare others, putting oneself in the role of these spirits. 8 - The candles on Halloween night are very important, the belief said that the spirits do not disturb the sleep is necessary to put a candle in the window of the house for each deceased relative. This tribute of the villagers to the dead prevented them nightmares.
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