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Passport to Thailand

No description

Steven Ranweiler

on 30 May 2014

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Transcript of Passport to Thailand

Passport to Thailand

By Steven Ranweiler
The current flag of Thailand was adopted in 1917. It is widely thought that the red stands for blood and the people, the white stands for religion and purity, and the blue stands for Monarchy. Blue is also Thailand's national color
Environmental Issues
5 Places to Visit
The current population of Thailand is estimated to be over 67 million people. Females have a slight majority over males. middle aged people make up the majority of the population. The population density is highest in Bankok.
The majority of environmental issues in Thailand are resulting from economic development and the growing number of people moving to urban areas.
-Air pollution
-Water pollution
-Deforestation (slash and burn agriculture)
Thailand's culture is made up of many elements.

-The importance of family
-Respect to elders and superiors
-Religion (predominantly Theravada Buddhism)

1. Bankok
2. Krabi
4. Ayutthaya Ruins
5. Phanom Rung
Physical Features
Mekong River
Dawna mountain
Khorat Plateau
Fun Facts
- A common gesture of respect is the wai
-Dissing the royal family is illegal
-It is extremely rude to display anger, or disagree with someone in public
-Sanuk: An all around sense of friendliness fun and humor =)
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