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Checking Back In

An extensive program to prevent high school children from dropping out Clara N. Lucien & Youngkwang Jeon

Youngkwang Jeon

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Checking Back In

Double click anywhere & add an idea High School Drop-Out
Why is it the PROBLEM?
Over 1,000,000 students who enter ninth grade each year fail to graduate with their peers four years later because they drop out of school
7,000 students drop out of school EVERY DAY, and each year rounghly 1,200,000 students fail to graduate from high school
Over the course of a life time, a high school drop-out earns $260,000 less than a high school graduate and $1,000,000 less than a college graduate. Causes of Drop-Out Failing Grades
School Underachievement
Low Self-Esteem
Poor School Attendance
Lack of Interest and Involvement in Extracurricular Activities
Unstable Family Circumstances
Teen Pregnancy
substance Abuse
Retention or Over-Age for Grade Target Audience and WHY? Accumulating research demonstrates that the transition to high school is an important or "risky" turning point for poor adolescents in urban areas since inner city children's grades and attendance, two of the main predictors of students who will drop out, have been found to start declining permanently from this transition period
The Checking Back In Program accepts all ninth graders, who exhibit at least one of the following criteria:
Failure of at least one class as of December of the current school year
Absence rates over 50% as of December of the current school year
Consistent, intentional misses of classes (at least three classes per week)
Voluntary recommendations for participating the program by at least two teachers

Goals of the Program Educate students on many different factors that cuases high schol dropouts
Provide support and foster continuing relationships between educators and students
make sutdents aware of the negative consequences of dropping out
Provide engaging activities that will prevent them from dropping out
PREVENT students from dropping out Week 1 Objectives Create the in-class environment where students and mentors get to know each other in amiable ways
Help students to list at least three causes of the issue of high school drop-out
Encourage students in active communication through skits and discussion time Week 2 Objectives Highlight to student how and why the issue of teenage pregnancy is the leading cause of the drop-out
Help students to think wisely about safe sex and how it will affect their everyday decisions in regard to their school through case studies Week 3 Objectives Encourage students to brainstorm about their future career goals
Help them acknowledge the contrast between benefits of finishing high schools and purusing their careers and dropping out
Week 4 Objectives Week 5 Objectives Week 6 Objectives Week 7 Objectives Week 8 Objectives Help students to know how to create their own resumes
Improve students' interviewing skills through mock interviews Encourage students to observe the real life of their preferring professions
Motivate students to think beyond their high school to acquire positive perspective on some future professions
Introduce to students various colleges and universities and requirements to get into those institutions
Highlight to them the benefits of attending to those institutions Expose students to real environments of various institutions
Allow them to engage in conversations with college students by which they can be motivated to attend those institutions Confirm the perpetuating relationship between mentors and students and the continuing commitment of students to the overall objective of the program: NOT TO DROP OUT References Assessments The Checking Back In Program:
An extensive program to prevent children from dropping out of high school
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