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Civil Engineering Management Fundamentals

No description

Mahmoud Maatouk

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of Civil Engineering Management Fundamentals

Civil Engineering Management Fundamentals
-CIE 480-
Project #2!
Code Development:
- Assessing project’s green performance in terms of prescriptive requirements and any related submittal requirements
- Assessments of building’s environmental performance
- Development of sustainability guidelines for projects of different sizes

- Inspection
- Research and evaluate green building materials and products
- Advancing green building methods and technologies
- Testing newly applied methods
- Identifying strategies to locate appropriate building siting
- Methods used for achieve energy and water savings
- Research and identify issues to target in local policies and ordinances

Client Service Section:
- Scheduling
- Coordination
- Working with owners, design teams, contractors, building managers, and engineers
- Advocates for the owner
- Owner’s representative for sustainability
- Assist with selecting and locating green materials
- Education on green building strategies, programs, and materials
- Work with the design and construction team to seek integrated and cost effective solutions

Executive and HR!
- Banking
- Construction Loans
- Directing Financial Goals
- Auditors

- Payroll
- Wage and personnel reports to public agencies
- Personnel Records
- General books of account
- Cost Records and reports
- Payments to subs and material suppliers
- Financial reports
- Tax returns and payment Billing
- Bank Deposits
- Office Services

Managing Strategy!
- Improving the world by consulting green projects that will obtain LEED Certifications.
- Affecting the society positively by reducing pollution, saving energy and improving people’s lives by adopting the sustainable development guidelines.
- Educating systems like government agencies, and students through presentations, trainings, and lectures.

- Collaborating with green building agencies internationally and joining in green building meetings and workshops.

- Producing educational publications, tools, and resources for building professionals, building owners, and the general public about green building issues

- Consult green projects, provide alternatives for sustainable buildings, and force the usage of ecofriendly material. (Example: solar systems, sensors.. etc.)
- Accomplish sustainability management services that fulfill the LEED standards.
- Set targets for environmental performance and/or benchmarking for sustainable design, construction, and Operations

- Advise Lebanese agencies to develop and implement local green building ordinances and policies
- Test the materials and use recycled material with less impact on the environment. (Example: Asbestos and cement)
- Provide a safe and comfortable environment for our workers.

- Profitable operations: increasing revenue while controlling expenses
- Implement new technologies: Keeping the employees updated with the latest technological advances.
- Growth: expanding the company and becoming able to operate in different countries.

- LEED certification: consulting projects that will achieve LEED gold or platinum certification
- Construction practice: Adopting higher standard of environmental sustainability by changing the old-fashioned practices.
- Provide plan check services for national agencies.

- Company Organization
- Hiring And Managing Staff
- Labor Policy

- Establishing Corporate Policy
- Legal Matters
- Public Relations
- Initiating Major Projects

LEED Management:
- Provide services and tools to assist with LEED registration, documentation, and certification
- Guiding teams through all of the LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Building Rating Systems
- Setting LEED general framework for achieving official LEED certification
- Establishing LEED credit requirements in historic structures and unique building types

Office Department:
- Develop the project’s integrated building goals
- Develop and prioritize a project’s sustainability goals and strategies
- Develop and implement practical, cost-effective programs for sustainable operations that enhance property value and reduce ongoing expenses
- Advising government for enhancing green building code
- Customize enforcement procedures and provide plan check services for national agencies
- Develop documentation forms for project teams to submit to local code enforcement Agencies
- Advise in specifications for inclusion of green materials and language

- Employees are expected to work for 8 hours a day. There is no fixed timetable, but being at the firm from 10 am till 12pm is obligatory in order to finish meetings and all necessary paper work.
- Employees who cannot make it at 10 am should inform their supervisor at least 3 hours prior to normal starting time.
- Company will allow working from home if the work required allows, a certain working schedule to be submitted.
- Breaks: employees will receive a paid break period of 40mins for each 8 hours worked.

- Holidays: paid annual holidays are set by the company and are shown on the company’s calendar
- Vacation pay: 20 days of paid vacation are given and should be reported 1 week prior and should be approved.
- Sick leave: time off from work (total of 8 days per year) will be given during periods of temporary illness if justified by a medical report.
- Insurance: life insurance, hospitalization, surgical and medical coverage will be insured for all full-time employees.

- The Company expects each employee to be in good form, organizing his or her work for it to be as effective and productive as possible.

- Neatness, personal cleanliness, and suitable work appearance is to be respected; Fridays are no suit days.

- Proper daily and monthly reports must be set by employees in order to keep track of the work and schedules.

- No employee shall apply any new technique without the agreement and acceptance of the whole board.

- Keeping track of business and budgetary planning by planning growth, controlling finances, and budgeting capital. This can be done efficiently by forecasting the international economic situation.

- Optimizing and balancing corporate entities and functions. This can be implemented by carrying out SWOT analysis, multi-divisional structures, diversification, and quest for market growth.

- Positioning (which is defined as the way by which the marketers attempt to create a distinct impression in the customer's mind) in a way where the firm adapts and achieve a unique fit in the current market. This is done by adapting to different working environment and choosing an appropriate market to work in. It also involves analyzing all the different competitors in the market.

- Analyzing and evaluating the resources and capabilities of the firm. This could be promoted by taking advantage of competition within the firm which can be established by focusing on building core competencies, outsourcing, and creating alliances.

- Improve employee retention: build one on one meeting with the employees and implement training programs for new staff.

- Increase productivity: improving the efficiency by challenging the employees, and promoting job circulation.

Take the process of construction in Lebanon to a new standard of environmental sustainability.
Scope of Services:
- Providing services for projects seeking to obtain the LEED Certification.
- Consulting the different departments involved in any construction project.
- Promoting the implementation of existing green methods that would save the environment.
- Testing and trying new materials and methods that would save the environment.
Policy Control Department!
Consulting Department!
Engineering Department!

Thank You!
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