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Conditional Sentences

No description

Mira Jokic

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of Conditional Sentences

O CONDITIONAL * used to express a general truth or a scientific fact If clause main clause
if/when + pres. simple present simple If/When you mix red and yellow paint, you get orange. 1st CONDITIONAL If clause main clause
if + present simple future simple *used to express a real or very possible situation in the present or future If I see him, I will tell him you called. 2nd CONDITIONAL *used to express an imaginary situation/ to give advice If clause main clause
if + past simple would + infinitive If I were you, I would appologize to her.

If I was playing today, we would have a better result. 3rd CONDITIONAL *used to express imaginary situations in the past/ to express regrets or criticism If I had known you were coming, I would have met you at the station. If clause main clause
if + past perfect would+have+past participle Put the verbs into the correct tense:

1. If I had more free time, I ____________ (take up) windsurfing.
2. If I _______________ (know) it was her birthday, I would have bought a present.
3. If I lived in Hawaii, I ___________ (invite) you for a haliday.
4. If he invites me, I ___________ (come) to his party.
5. When you heat water, it ________ (boil).
6. If I _________ (be) the president, I would make some changes.
7. She would have forgiven him if he _____________ (apologize).
8. You will pass the test if you _________ (study) hard. Look at the pictures and the speech bubles. Use your own ideas to make sentences, as in the example: "I didn't bring my glasses." She wishes she had brought her glasses. If she had brought her glasses, she would have finished reading by now. "I didn't read the map earlier." "I'm not tall enough." I need to find a better job. Wishes Let's practise! We can use WISH/IF ONLY to express a wish Compare the two sentences:

I wish I was there now. (but I'm not)

I wish I had told him the truth! (but I didn't) WISH + past simple - to say that we would like something to be different about a present situation

I don't know how to drive.
I wish I knew how to drive. WISH + past perfect - to express regret about something which happened or didn't happen in the past

I ate too much - I feel sick now.
If only I hadn't eaten so much! If she had taken a taxi, she wouldn't have been late.
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