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the Wonderful Wizard of Oz - Rothchild

No description

Sunset Spartans

on 16 May 2010

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Transcript of the Wonderful Wizard of Oz - Rothchild

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Theme: Self Confidence Literary Technique: Juxtaposition Juxtaposition is when the author places two themes, characters, phrases, words, or situations together for the purpose of a contrast or comparison The theme of self confidence is used through three of the characters in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. The literary technique of juxtaposition is shown in this theme, by connecting the three characters through self confidence. The characters; the Lion, the Tin Woodman, and the Scarecrow all struggle to believe in themselves and need to have confidence. Page 131 - "And, besides, they were none of them nearly so large and brave as you." Page 116 - "I should like to cry a little because Oz is gone, if you will kindly wipe away my tears, so that I shall not rust." Page 48 - " 'Let us make a chair with our hands, and carry her.' Said the Scarecrow." Page 137 - "If you had known their power you could have gone back to your Aunt Em the very first day you came to this country." Theme: Imagination Literary Technique: Irony
If you imagine that you have something, you will find that you really do have the thing you wanted all along. This theme ties into the literay technique of irony, because all of the main characters are wanting something, even though they have had it all along. "Self confidence helps you overcome any obstacle."
"Imagination allows you to realize what was always there." David Rothchild Theme: Good versus Evil Literary Technique: Tone Throughout all of the book, author; Frank Baum uses the theme of good versus evil. Good and evil are always at a constant conflict as one side tries to be victorious. This theme is shown through the literary technique of tone, because the author sets the main tone of the book as good versus evil. "Good will always conquer evil." By L. Frank Baum Page 32 - "No one would think of biting such a little thing except a coward like me." Page 16 - "I don't know anything. You see, I am stuffed, so I have no brains at all." Page 26 - "Do you suppose Oz could give me a heart?" Page 85 - "You are a wicked creature!" Page 8 - "Those who live in the North and South, are good witches." Tone is the overall attitude that an author appears to hold toward key elements of the work Page 85 - "Out of anger Dorothy grabed a bucket of water and threw it on the witch."
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