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Procurement Equity

No description

Katie Syme

on 11 March 2017

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Transcript of Procurement Equity

About Me
Interest in Field
Main Concern--
how to save the world by just doing my job (& including others)

Studies focus on how economics, people, & the environment interact
Holistic + Analytic methods

Work with collecting/examining data to propose long term solutions to today's top concerns
Project Goals
Procurement Equity
Kathryn Syme
Need for Procurement Equity
Interviewed Faculty & Small Business Owners in Santa Cruz for More Perspective
Review Current Policy
Together we can achieve:
ecological health
social equity
economic welfare
UCSC Provost Sustainability Internship
A.S. Social Sciences, studying Economics & Environmental Studies with concentration in Agroecology & Sustainable Food Systems
Seed Librarian at UCSC Demeter Seed Saving Project
Past farm, garden, & shop work (PiCA, Permaculture Design Certificate, etc.)
Address need for social outreach, goal setting, accepting local climate, etc. at UC Santa Cruz.
Increased access to contract opportunities
Removal of barriers for small businesses
Increased participation by disadvantaged business in the bidding process
Develop report to improve current UCSC procurement policy
Identify leading practices in procurement
Research history of both current policy & new innovative practices:
National- Oregon, Illinois, Virginia, etc.
Global- Canada, UK, Uganda,
State- UC system-wide
Local- UCSC specific
Observe the capacity & availability of historically underutilized businesses vs. actual use of those businesses:
Minority & Women Owned Business Enterprises
Disadvantaged Business Enterprises
Disabled Veteran Owned Businesses
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender Owned Businesses
Explore reported disparities within public procurement
Fall 2016 Research

UC system-wide small business development plan vs. other supplier diversity programs:
brief, offered little resources
referred suppliers to long policy (BUS-43)
registration but no outreach
missing measurable goals
focus only on
More statistical reports (long term audits)
Maximize outreach (search engine optimization, low cost advertisement & consulting)
Benchmarking (best practices within policy)
If We're Trying to Balance Competition, How Do We Protect Against Future Disparities?
desire for reliable connection between local suppliers & university procurers

concern about efficiency, costs, & equity of access within program
How Can We Help?
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