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Procurement Equity 1.0

No description

Katie Syme

on 15 December 2017

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Transcript of Procurement Equity 1.0

What is Procurement?
Equity vs. Equality
Disparities in business outcomes apparent in minority owned firms
Lack of entrepreneurial success within these groups are indicators of larger issues within procurement
Project Goal:
research sustainable & obtainable methods of addressing these goals in public policy over long term
The Problem
Procurement Equity
Kathryn Syme
Sourcing Strategist Perspective
(for $100K+ contracts)
Exploring Small Business Perspective
UCSC Provost Sustainability Internship
Act of obtaining or buying goods and services. The process includes


of a demand as well as the end receipt and approval of payment.
Sourcing Suppliers

UCSC vs. other supplier diversity programs?
Create supportive atmosphere for social sustainability
More statistical reports (long term audits)
Maximize outreach (search engine optimization, low cost advertisement & consulting)
Benchmarking (best practices within policy)
Other Solutions!
Possible Solutions
Often involves....
(1) purchase planning,
(2) standards determination,
(3) specifications development,
(4) supplier research and selection,
(5) value analysis,
(6) financing,
(7) price negotiation,
(8) making the purchase,
(9) supply contract administration,
(10) inventory control and stores, and
(11) disposals and other related functions.
A professor once asked me:
'If two people were running a race, would you bust one's kneecaps?'
brief, offered little resources
referred suppliers to long policy (BUS-43)
registration but no outreach
missing measurable goals
focus only on small business
1) Identify need/requirement
2) Identify source
(ask, 'Do I know someone already?')
3) Obtain quote for proposal
(request pricing)
4) Make decision based on set of evaluation criteria
5) CruzBuy (eProcurement System)
Submit request for purchase (requisition)
Arrives in purchasing
Buyer reviews
Purchase order sent to supplier
6) Supplier provides goods/service
7) Submits invoice
8) Pay supplier!
Incorporate diversity as criteria in bid events?
'Diverse Business’ may be considered as a set of criteria in the questionnaire for Cost Per Quality Point analysis!
Already used in search terms in uBuy to look up contracts UC-wide
Provides transparency but not a lot of vetting due to broad standards
EXAMPLE: Race & Entrepreneurial Success
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