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Sierra leone

No description

faith regan

on 10 January 2014

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Transcript of Sierra leone

About Sierra Leone
Flag and Coat of Arms
Sierra Leone's music is a mix of creole, French and British influences
Traditions and Beliefs
Sierra Leoneans have practiced and passed on traditions for generations. These traditions are practiced in many ways, through food, clothing, crafts, jewellry, festivals, and performing arts. Rituals and ceremonies are performed by different groups. One of their beliefs are the “secret societies”. Men and women are separated in these societies by their beliefs and practices.
Popular Music
Palm Wine music is known as the Maringa in Sierra Leone.
When it was just started it was played with portuguese guitars,
they combined local rhythms and melodies with soca music and trinidadian calypso. Palm wine music is named after the palm wine, which is a plant. African guitarist would drink the sap while they played.
Sierra Leone
By: Faith, September and Ireland
Official name
Capital City :
About 5.7 million
Republic of Sierra Leone
English and Creole
71,740 km
Like most of West Africa, Sierra Leone is open
to R&B, Rap, Reggae and dancehall.
The national anthem is called " High Exalt
thee Realm of the Free"
Gumbe is a genre of music. It has had a presence in the style of milo-jazz. It was named after a chocolate powder brand they would empty the cans and fill them with rocks and shake them. That was the main percussion.
Afropop, Afropop is contemporary african pop music
Modern music, like rap, pop and hip-hop.
The population of Sierra Leone is estimated to be 5.7 million. It is made up of mostly babies and youth. The main language of the citizens is English. Most of the population are divided up in ethnic groups. The two biggest ethnic groups are Temne and Mende.
Sierra Leone's citizens need to be employed like all other citizens in different countries. One of the jobs that is most common is mining.
They have a president who is in charge of their country by the name of Ernest Bai Koroma. He is the leader of the republic of Sierra Leone and head of their armed forces. He will stay president for up to six years.
Weather and Climate
Mining is the biggest industry in Sierra Leone.
30 percent of the money that the country makes
are from minerals. 79 percent of export revenue
is from minerals that they mine. 46 percent of the
79 percent is diamonds. It is one of the top ten diamond producing nations.The main minerals are diamond, gold, iron, rutile, bauxite and limonite.
Mining is great for the country because it brings in lots of money but what is brought out of the mines are very valuable items. Sierra Leone is a
poor country so people would even start to kill if they
get money.
The Minerals
Located in the east and south-east
Diamond fields cover about 7,700 square miles
Sierra Leone focuses on the area around the
drainage of rivers
The diamond export in 2009 would be about
The largest diamond found was 969.8 carats
After the civil war in Sierra Leone the demand for gold grew higher
In 2010 a british company found new gold
deposits in the Kangari Hills

Even when the gold market went up in price
the country did not sell much gold.
The fall in the sale of gold was
because people were smuggling the gold out of the country
The Tonkolili region has one of the biggest iron deposit in Africa
Sierra Leone is one of the
top five Rutile producers
The lease for the mining
of rutile allows them to have 520 km and in that land
they have found 20 deposits of rutile
Rutile is used for titanium metal and ceramics
Sierra Leone produces about 1 percent
of the global production of bauxite
The deposits are found at Krimkpaka,
between Moyamba and Mano, and in the north from Falaba to Waia
Sierra Minerals Holding is the only company that mines bauxite in Sierra Leone
Bauxite is used for aluminum
Food and Cuisine
Sierra Leone has a rich food culture which is why the country is nicknamed "Sweet Salone". In different parts of Sierra Leone different foods are found. In the street stalls you can find a variety of sauces and spices, in the cities you can find gravies and a special dish called plassas which is fried dough balls, and in the beaches you can find mouth-watering fishes and market women selling fresh fruit and vegetables.
Sources: http://www.worldtravelguide.net/sierra-leone/food-and-drink,
Sierra Leone's climate is classified as tropical monsoon climate. Sierra Leone has two seasons determining the agriculture cycle, the rainy season (May to November) and the dry season (December to May). The average temperature ranges from 26 degrees celisus to 39 degrees celisus. Since so close to the equator the highest temperature in the year 2013 has reached up to 72 degrees celisus.
Thank you for listening!
Any questions or comments
Rituals and Holy Places
Churches, Mosques, and forest clearings are served as focal points for religious activities toward God and ancestral spirits. Water is considered very important. Because of its healing power most religious ceremonies are held by lakes rivers, and streams.
Death and Afterlife
In Sierra Leone burial customs vary with religion yet most of these encompass a firm relation with God and the spirit world. To support good favor, the family of the deceased will make sacrifices, ritual remembrances, and prayer.
All about Sierra Leone -book
google images
Coffee bean
Coco beans
Petroleum oil
Parts of radios,
telephones and T.V
Motor vehicles for
transporting goods
They're many countries that Sierra Leone trades with.
Exporting Countries :
Belgium-Luxemburg, Romaina, U.S.A,
Netherland, Germany, China, India and Japan
Importing Countries:
China, U.K, Mayasia, Netherlands,
Cote d' Lvoire, India, and South Africa
The observatory of economic conpexity
Sierra Leone is one of the least developed country. After the Civil war ( 1991-2002) the country started to
pick itself up. Their GDP was 1.9 billion in 2009. Their
minerals were a huge part of the rebuilding the countries economy.
Sierra Leonean leo is the currency
What they have :
Coins, worth 10, 50, 100, 500 leone
Banknotes 1000, 2000, 5000, 10000
Meals we Made
We made meat stew and
ginger cake/cookies
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