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Wind Went Wild

If you want to read the story, it is available at https://www.createspace.com/4685818

Luke Gonzalez

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of Wind Went Wild

Wind Went Wild
Wind Went Wild is about a man, Zylo, who has a disorder which causes him to act and think more like an animal at times. Because of this, he creates a technology capable of changing his species and relieving his mind through consciousness transfer.
At around 2027, after years of trying to get his project up and running, Zylo is mysteriously visited by a scientist who says he will sponsor the project. He agreed to it and then got started.
He finishes the project in 2053. A few days after, he takes the plans to the patent office, where he learns that someone had already registered it. When he went back to his lab, he was told he had no right to use it because it wasn't his.
After learning this, he sneaks into the lab during a party the other scientists were holding directly above it. He starts the device and then uses it to transfer his consciousness into a wolf that he brought in with him. He embeds an experimental anti-aging chip under its skin and vows to stay alive to fight the government long enough to change it.
After he destroys the device, he escapes the lab and sees armed men move in a few minutes later. He leaves the area and then starts his war on the corruption of the government.
He teams up with 5 of his friends that have similar interests. With them, he plans several attacks on the government during times when the economy was not doing well. Over time, they manage to start wars between the United States and other countries. Thanks to those wars and environmental instability, all the humans are forced to move into underground cities.
At around 2110, he is separated from his friends and they go down to live with the humans and learn all of the new technology. He stays on the surface, waiting for the right time to attack again. In 2150, the humans decide to create a storm to envelope the earth in order to remove the harmful things from the environment, including him and any other wolves that may have survived the war.
The story begins as Zylo is on the way to the city that the humans created below Washington D.C. The storm is coming fast, and he has to try to make it there before the destruction begins.
The End
(This is actually the beginning)
This was a big sacrifice for Zylo. He had wanted to live out his life as a wolf, away from humanity. However, he saw that other people should be able to chase their dreams without any limitations. Taking that into consideration, he decided to do something about it.

Attempting to sway the humans toward his viewpoint in one section, he tells them that everyone should be able to chase their dreams without limitations - but, they cannot interfere with another person's journey. He tells them that he did not do any such thing, and that he should be allowed to go in peace.

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