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Rekindling the Magic: Strategies for Increasing your Enjoyme

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Sandra Gilliland

on 19 August 2015

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Transcript of Rekindling the Magic: Strategies for Increasing your Enjoyme

Who is the best professor you know?
What are the specific characteristics you would use to describe your favorite professor?
Master Teaching Qualities
- Focuses on thinking processes more than merely facts and figures
- Uses tests for both evaluative and instructional purposes
- Stays current with discipline content
- Shows genuine concern for students' academic welfare
- Is enthusiastic about their subject matter, teaching, and students
Why are you here??
Presentation Objectives
Identify the character strengths and virtues described in Positive Psychology that can enhance student learning.

Rekindling the Magic: Strategies for Increasing your Enjoyment of Teaching
The Teacher Behavior Checklist
(Keeley, Smith, and Buskist, 2006)
Surveyed 36 award winning faculty, "effective teaching habits and practices of master teachers"
Refined 40 descriptors down to 28 distinct qualities
Factor Analysis later yielded two sub scales: 1) Caring and Supportive and 2) Professional Competency and communication skills
Review the Teacher Behavior Checklist developed from Master Teachers
Compile a list of examples integrating positive strengths and virtues with Master Teaching Behaviors
Positive Psychology
Martin Seligman, Ph.D. APA President, 1998 and Founder of Positive Psychology
Positive Psychology is about...
Is there a connection?
Do you see any of the virtues listed here that you used to describe the best professor you know?
How can you imagine applying positive psychology concepts and character strengths to your teaching?
Traditional Psychology is about...
Positive Psychology is the study of positive emotions, of engagement, of meaning, of positive accomplishments, and of good relationships. It attempts to measure, classify, and build these five aspects of life.
Character Strengths and Virtues
Through this research, Seligman identified six virtue categories with 24 specific traits.
Advice for Teachers from Award-Winning Teachers
- First, know the content
- Study the science and art of teaching
- Be willing to experiment
- Be enthusiastic!
- Demand the best, with patience
- Remember being a student
- When the passion ends, quit. If your humor is gone, become an administrator.
Compiled by William Buskist, Auburn University

Applying the virtues and character strengths directly to learning and teaching...
When you quit enjoying what you are doing, the learning stops.

Becoming what Rouch calls
the Lighthearted Professor
Virtue: Wisdom and Knowledge
Constructs a novel and innovative conceptualization of student learning and pedagogy.
Virtue: Courage- Persistence and Transcendence- Hope, Optimism
Sustains efforts despite obstacles, boredom, or frustration...
Virtue: Courage- Vitality
Zest and Vitality demonstrates a passion for teaching and learning that is grounded in reflective practices
Virtue: Humanity- Love, Social Intelligence
Creates a safe haven in the classroom to foster interpersonal relationships of support and respect
Virtue: Transcendence - Humor, Playfulness
Approaches education with a playful recognition of incongruities and circumstances beyond one's control.
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