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The Outsiders- Greasers vs. Socs

No description

Luke V.

on 11 April 2011

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Transcript of The Outsiders- Greasers vs. Socs

The Outsiders- Greasers vs. Socs Greasers Socs The black handled switch blade represents the greasers. Two-Bit is very proud of the switch blade that he stole from a store. He liked it so much that he seemed to be more upset over losing the blade than Dally dying. The hair grease rpresents the greasers because they are all very proud of their greasy hair especially Ponyboy. The hair grease is the 'trademark' of the greasers and it is what marks them as greasers. The Pepsi bottle represents the Greasers because Ponyboy, one of the Greasers, is known to be 'addicted to Pepsi. Also, near the end of the story, Ponyboy uses a broken Pepsi bottle to defend himself from a bunch of Socs. This box of cigarettes represents the greasers because all of them smoke except for Darry and all started at a young age. Ponyboy smokes the most and uses them to help settle himself down. Johnny is also a big smoker and uses them for the same reason. The Mustang represents the Socs because they are rich and always have the nice cars. The Greasers are jealous of their cars. In the book it says that others have Stingrays and other nice cars. The ring represents the Socs because Bob Sheldon, one of the main Socs in the story, has a l;ot of rings and is very proud of them. It is with his rings that Bob cut up Johnny with. The whiskey represents the Socs because most of the Socs drink a lot. The Socs are always getting drunk and it is when they are drunk that Bob gets killed. The money represents the Socs because they have a lot of money. The Greasers are very jealous of all the money that the Socs have and are mad that they get all the breaks. The Black-Handled Switch-Blade Hair Grease Pepsi Bottle Cigarettes Mustang Ring Whiskey Money By: Luke Van Noggeren
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