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Odour of Chrysanthemums

No description

chelsea morris

on 15 May 2013

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Transcript of Odour of Chrysanthemums

Plot Diagram Summary Essential Questions Characters Bio. David Herbert Lawrence A woman, Elizabeth, is with her kids waiting for her husband to arrive home. He is a mine worker and is gone for two weeks then shows up home. It was getting late and he missed dinner. After she put the kids to bed, she started to worry about him and went to go ask questions. She finds out he was working by himself to finish some work. The manager tell his wife that he has died. Part of the mine closed in on him and he was smothered. Some of the mine workers and the manager bring his body to the house and his mother and Elizabeth clean him up. The mother and crying the whole time. Elizabeth realizes she's not really sad, but is ashamed and fearful because of the death of her master. Odour of Chrysanthemums By; David Herbert Lawrence Exposition What causes the families to have
a broken relationship? Falling Action Born 9-11-1885 in England. Died in France in 1930. Published novels and poetry. As a child, he didn't fit in with the other boys. He wasn't good at sports and didn't want to follow in his father's foot steps. He met Jessie Chambers, she became his close friend,and she encouraged him to write poetry. He became a teacher at an elementary school and got his big break a year later with help from Jessie. His life changed when he fell in love with his old professors wife. He quit everything but writing then later ran off with the professor's wife, Frieda. He considered he wrote about what he saw in the modern Western culture. He said, "If there weren't so many lies in the world... He wouldn't write at all. Rising Action Conflict Work Cited http://www.biography.com/people/dh-lawrence-17175776 http://www.bartleby.com/246/260.ht Literary Elements. Elizabeth Bates: She is a beautiful woman. The mother of John and Annie. She's a good mother. She's unhappy with the life she chose with Walter. She realizes her mistakes and is ashamed one she sees his corpse. She is the protagonist. She is a strong mother.
Walter Bates: Married to Elizabeth. He works in a mine and dies in a mine accident. He's an alcoholic. He was handsome with blonde hair, strong muscles and a mustache.
Walter's mother: An emotional 60 year old woman. She is a bit jealous of Elizabeth when she is taking care of her dead husband's body.
Mr. Rigley: Helps Elizabeth look for Walter. He is big with a bony head and a blue scar on his temple from working in the coal pits. He is kind and helpful. Resolution Climax Compare and Contrast The Celestial Omnibus Odour of Chrysanthemums Both Elizabeth is waiting for her husband to return from work. She waits with the children and sees her father along the wait as well. Elizabeth and her kids have set up the dinner table and set the fire place just right for their father's return. They continue to wait. Her husband doesn't return for dinner and she becomes angry, She send the kids to bed and waits a little longer. Keeps waiting until she gets worried and goes out to ask her neighbors questions. The mine workers and the manager shows up to tell Elizabeth that her husband had died in a mining accident. The doctor tells her that he was shut in and it smothered him. Elizabeth begins to deny the death of her husband. She mainly does this because she is ashamed of how he was living his life before he died. Uses the theme of realization of life. There's broken relationships within the family. A man dies that of the significance to the main idea. More of a fairytale. More likely to happen/ Small mining town. A subdivision in London. About a wife that struggles with her feelings and needs the death of her husband for her to feel shame in taking away his life. About a boy that uses his imagination to escape the beating and torture 0f his parents. Important Quotes "She looked at his naked body and was ashamed" "'No,' she said, 'not to me. It was the chrysanthemums when I married him, and the chrysanthemums when you were born, and the first time they ever brought him home drunk, he'd got a brown chrysanthemums in his button hole'" -- This shows how the chrysanthemums make Elizabeth feel and what they symbolize. Symbolism: The Chrysanthemums. They happened to be in unhappy events in Elizabeth's life and brought bad news when they were around. Foreshadowing: Elizabeth and Walter's mother are talking about Walter and are worried about him when Liz mentions that he might have died to later find out he did die. I feel like the ending drags on. The author could have used more details and ended it sooner. He shouldn't have used the same idea in the end. -- This quote explains how Elizabeth feels when she sees her dead husband. This is the turning point to where she realizes she made a mistake marrying him. What causes the families to have a broken relationship? In D.H, Lawrence's story, the family has a broken relationship because Walter is an alcoholic and was never home. How does the death of the man change
the mood of the story? How does the death of the man change the
mood of the story? The death of her husband doesn't make her sad really, it just makes her regret the choices that she's made with him. Imagery: “A large bony vine clutched at the house, as if to claw down the tiled roof.” D.H. Lawrence uses imagery to describe Elizabeth's house.
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