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What Is The Electoral College?

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Mr. Parke

on 27 October 2016

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Transcript of What Is The Electoral College?

Electoral College

Ashley Chase and Willow Patten

What Is The Electoral College?
The Electron College is in the U.S. And it is a body of people who represent the U.S. Then the people in the Electoral College cast votes for the president and vice president.
How Do The Voters
For The Electoral College Get Pick?
The picking of the people the Electrical College is a two step process. The first step is the political parties chooses potensol canidates
Electors are pleged and expected (but not requiered ) to vote for the canidents they repersent. Seprate ballets are casted for president and vice president, after which the electoral college cases to exst for another 4 years.
Who Are In The Electoral College?
There are 538 people in the Electoral College. Your state is entitled to have electors equal to the number of members in its Congressional delegation, plus the senators for your state.
How it works.
Electors meet in their respective state capitals on the Monday after the 2nd Wendnesday in December, at which they cast there electoral votes on seprate ballots.
How to win.
In the electoral college you have to get a mojority to become the president. the majority being 270 people out of 538
Here is an example of the electoral college
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