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life of Mark Abarahamson


james fountain

on 18 February 2010

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Transcript of life of Mark Abarahamson

life of my south african
By: james and bj mark was sixteen when he started to have regrets about the way he live my persons name is
mark abrahamson marks personailty is diffrent from many boy like he is guite, talented, and to him-self yes of coures my person was cocason but had regrets and wonder what is life would be like if he were colored mark always felt regretabout what
they were doing to colored people and thought they should have the same rights. mark dreams that one day he would be able to look back on his youth and say to him-slef. he was even in a small way part of this success yes i would be friends with mark because he cared about what happened to blacks and wanted to make a change in the wourld.
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