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Spy Project Year 7 lesson 1 cognates

No description

Simon Floyd

on 29 September 2016

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Transcript of Spy Project Year 7 lesson 1 cognates

SAS (Spy Assessment School!):
Look at the cards on your table: can you match the English words to the German words?

What will I be learning? Die Spione! (Spies!)
Cognates and
False Friends
Was ist das auf
der Finger der Ball
der Winter
der Arm
der Tourist
die Hand
die Butter
die Cola
das Gold das Telefon
das Ende

Breaking Codes
Some more codes to
help you on your spy
False friends
Sometimes a German word looks like an English word but it means something completely different!

Listen carefully to find out how to use a bilingual dictionary correctly.
*d* und *t* in German is often *th* in English

Can you break the code?
das Ding
der Dorn
das Bad
der Vater
der Durst
der Bruder
der Dieb

Make a note of these
codes and then see if you can crack the codes on your worksheet:

t = d
tt / d = th

ss = t
f / ff / pf = p

g = y
b = f

ch = k

Die Antworten

gut = good
Tag = day
trinken = to drink
Apfel = apple
Pfeffer = pepper
sagen = to say
Erde = earth
Buch = book
hungrig = hungry
Pfanne = pan
Wetter = weather

Die Antworten

Mutter = mother
Bruder = brother
halb = half
rot = red
Nagel = nail
danke = thanks
denken = to think
besser = better
Tanzen = dancing
Brot = bread
Wasser = water

Die Antworten

Bad = bath
laut = loud
reiten = to ride
helfen = to help
Leder = leather
heiss = hot
sprechen = to speak
Affe = ape
Dieb = thief
essen = to eat
scharf = sharp

Use your dictionary to find out why you wouldn't want to receive a 'gift' in German.
Gift = poison!!!!!
Was ist das auf Englisch?
die Chips das Boot
fast das Grab
das Handy der Hut
das Kind hell
der Mist der Rock
Extension: Find the German word for chips etc.
Extension: What about a 'rat'?
Der Winter ist lang.
Das Ende ist gut.
Das Bett ist hart.
Der Wein ist warm.
Der Vater ist alt.
Are you at the top of the spy class?

What is a cognate?
What is a false friend?


Understand what COGNATES are
Work out the meaning of some German words

Be able to give some examples of COGNATES
Know what FALSE FRIENDS are

Be able to give some example of FALSE FRIENDS
Begin to develop dictionary skills

Learn my first German words

Code breaking

Resilience (don’t give up even if it’s hard!)
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