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My Feelings On Public Speaking

No description

Jack Reed

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of My Feelings On Public Speaking

By Jack Reed
My Feelings On Public Speaking
Some people enjoy public speaking while others are frightened by it.
Using specific details and examples, explain how you feel about public speaking.
Body Paragraph 2
Might not get my message across.
Body Paragraph 3
I might seem like I didn't rehearse.
It may seem made it in the last minute.
They might walk away confused.
My first fear of public speaking is that I might mess up.
Body Paragraph 1
My Introduction Strategy
Type of essay: Informative
The first reason is because I might seem foolish.
The second reason is because I want to seem respectable, not clumsy.
The last reason I am afraid to mess up is because I want to get my message across, instead of confusing people.
Secondly I fear that I might forget what I'm saying.
The first reason is because I might not get to people and they might be confused about my message.
The second reason is because I feel like I have to be perfect in front of a lot of people.
The last reason is because I want people who are watching me to be able to take away something positive.
Introduction Strategy: Anecdote
My Introduction
I stepped up to the stage and was shaking like crazy. I was scared to read my new essay. In my head I was telling my self it was okay, but on the outside I was freaking out. In the end everything turned out fine and I was thinking "Why was I scared in the first place?"
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