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Senior Project: Danville Police Departement

Ride-a-Long with a Police officer

Ryne Farmer

on 24 May 2010

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Transcript of Senior Project: Danville Police Departement

Senior Project: Danville Police Department

History of the Department

The department was founded in 1793
The city of Danville nearly doubled in 1856 which made the crime rate start
The first criminal in 1860 to be hung was known as "Jordan"
THe gallows are at the rear of the jail on Market St.
The first courthouse was built in 1873 on the east side of Patton Street.

Life of a Danville Police Officer

Shifts- Each officer works on 4 days on and 4 days off with 7 to 7 12 hour shifts. After 4 days of a night shift and after the 4 days off the officer must do 4 days of day shifts.
The officers must deal with a wide variety of dangerous and crazy situations. From traffic stops to serving warrants for a variety of crimes, these officers must serve and protect the great city of Danville.
Each officer has pet peevs and things on the job that they despise more than anything, but almost every officer that I interviewed said that they hated traffic stops more than anything; because they say that they never know what to expect, whether there is a gun in the car or if they have warrents for dangerous crimes or not.
Police officers are looked upon as very proper people but this is a false assumption. Police officers are very relaxed on the job.


The shifts that the officers work
The dangers of being an officer
Officers have to share the equipment with officers on another shift
The yearly salary isn't very much
Possibility of work on weekends and holidays


An officer works half the year but gets paid for a full time worker
Get paid overtime for special events and being on swat call
The department issues all the supplies needed for the job
First of all the benefits departments usually provide, paid vacations, health insurance, paid holidays, sick leave, and pension plans, uniforms and weapons are usually provided.
An officer also enjoys a proud standing in a community in which he\she is looked upon by kids and adults.

Reagan's Experiences and Understandings

In my experience in shadowing the Danville Police Officers, I dealt with a variety of different styles and personalities of the
officers. Some were always in drive mode and always serious and never crack a smile, while some are always enjoying the job as well as being respectable, which of course is the way to be when dealing with criminals.
I did many different things while shadwoing the officers; such as learn how to write a ticket and write a report, as well as how to approach a car at a traffic stop.
The main people that were in the day to day routine were the police officers and the Dispatch
witnessed breaking and Enterings, Attempted malicious wounding, assault and Battery, even an attempted Murder. We also served more warrants than you could imagine for many different things; such as rape and sodomy, probation violation, failure to appear, assault and Battery, and uttering.
In my experience I have seriously thought about a possible career in this field. Although it is very dangerous and crazy, it is a very exciting and respectable job in society. If not for this project then this may not have even been a choice for my future. Ryne's experiences and understandings

I learned many tricks and secrets to being a police officer.
I learned how to handle a crash and learned how to do the paperwork to go with it.
The police officer showed me some good techniques for being a police officer.
Phonetic Alphabet


Each officer works their beat.
There are 8 beats in Danville
Dispatch sends them calls through their computer
The officer responds to their call and do the check-up
After everything is clear the officer writes a report and sends it to dispatch
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