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Where She Went

No description

jordan groeller

on 19 November 2014

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Transcript of Where She Went

" Ever hear the one about that dog that spent it's life chasing cars and finally caught one- and had no idea what to do with it? I'm that dog." Pg. 91
Point of View and Setting
Type Of Conflict
The conflict is Man vs Man. Adam is against Mia. They both have anger towards one another and it just takes them awhile till the anger is lifted off their shoulders.
The theme of "Where She Went" is to wait for what you want no matter how bad you want it, you never know, it may come eventually.
Where She Went
By: Gayle Forman
Sequel To " If I Stay"
Mia: She's a very strong woman who suffered losing her family from a car crash. Mia travels the world in an orchestra playing her cello.
Adam: A rising rock star in a relationship with celebrity girlfriend, Bryn. Recognized by his debut album , Collateral Damage, written about his breakup with Mia.
Bryn: Famous actress and girlfriend of Adam
Antagonist and Protagonist Characters
Protagonist: Adam is the protagonist because he was this crazy rock star and now has lost that. All he really wants is to get in touch with Mia again.
Antagonist: Mia was the one who broke Adams heart after her family died in the car crash, and left without giving him a reason.
3 years after being in a devastating car crash and losing all of her family, Mia is a rising star in the music world. Not only going to school at Juliard, but traveling across the world and preforming to many audiences with her cello. Adam is also a rising star known mostly for his songs about the depression of losing the best thing that's ever happened to him. Adam is just about to leave on tour with his band, when he notices that Mia would be playing a cellist concert in the concert hall. He decides to see her in concert, without the intentions of talking to her. Later, they find themselves in front of one another and end up taking a stroll through New York together. This is the perfect time for Adam to talk to Mia about why she left him without an explanation. Memories start to unravel and the truth comes out, they finally get a second chance at love.
Direct Characterization
Bryn: "She's generous as an oil baron and loyal as a pit bull." Pg. 89
Adam: " I know I'm not easy to live with, Bryn tells me I'm withdrawn, evasive, cold." pg.89
Mia: "Mia kicks away a piece of trash with her toe, and I realize she's still nervous." pg. 115
S- “I’ve come to realize there’s a world of difference between knowing something happened, even knowing why it happened, and believing it.” Pg. 112
T- "And it's like Mia don't you get it? The music is the void. and you're the reason why." Pg.126
E- "Because I hated you, you made me stay." Pg.188
A- "When i get onto the street, my hands are quaking and my insides feel like they're staging a coup. I reach for my pills, but the bottle was empty." Pg. 69
L- "I am a rock star. I have the bank account of a rock star and the platinum records of a rock star and the girl friend of a rock star" Pg.101

The point of view is first person. Adam is the narrator.
Setting is in New York City.
This quote is Situational Irony.
Situational Irony
The quote I picked is situational irony because in the beginning of chapter 8, Adam finds himself alone with Mia. He has dreamed about this moment for more than 3 years yet had no idea what to do. Its ironic how he wanted something to happen, ye when it did happen, Adam was so in shock that he couldn't think straight and unsure of what to do.
The main conflict in "Where She Went" is how Mia broke up with Adam, and didn't give him any reason for it. This caused Adam to grow anger towards Mia because he lived with the burden of not knowing and not getting an explanation.
The conflict is internal because although Mia did leave Adam physically, the decision and the reason behind it is made mentally. Also, Mia breaking up with Adam left him in a mental anger state. And loving one another again is a conflict they need to over come in their minds.
The theme resembles my story because Adam had been waiting for over 3 years just to be able to see Mia again. He waited for a second chance at love. All the waiting finally paid off in the end.
I Will Wait a Lifetime
You hide behind your feelings
and keep the truth locked away.
but there is so much said
in the things you don't say

You innocently tell me
our time has come and gone
and that we can't go back
but I don't believe it
and this time you're wrong

The distance you put between us
is nothing more than the time we lost;
a place for your feelings to hide
yet i can hear the love in your voice
each time we talk

My patience has no end
when it comes to loving you
and i will wait a lifetime
for you to see the truth

Real love doesn't go away
it doesn't fade into the past,
it goes on forever
and always finds its way back

I will wait a lifetime for you
because you are my soul
and behind all of your doubt
I know you can't let go

You are my soul,
and I am yours, too.
if two people were ever meant to be,
it's me and you
Relation of Theme to Poem
The theme of the poem is about waiting on the one you love and that no distance can lower your love for one another.
The theme of the poem ties in with the theme of the book because both are about how it only takes patience to rekindle love. You have to wait, sometimes long periods, to get what you want in this case, Mia/ love.
Poem by: Cheryl .J Barclay
Patience Rewarded
Patience Rewarded is about Scott Goldstein and how he chased around his high school love, Agene. He never gave up on making her his and he believed that waiting for her to come around would be the best thing to do. After waiting 10 years patiently it wasn't till the end of college that she finally took an interest in him. Now the couple is married with 3 children and Scott quotes "Yes, Agnes was worth the wait."
Relation of News Story to Theme
"Patience Rewarded" is about how patience will pay off in the end. Scott got the girl of his dreams that he was chasing after for, for 10 years. This is related to how Adam had to wait for Mia to come back into his life. After 3 years Adam finally met up with Mia again. In both situations, their patience was rewarded with the love from the ones they cherish most.
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