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No description

ahmad elamm

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of kawaihae

In this picture Napoloen is showing bandwagon because he is showing everyone to follow him to greatness.
This is ideology because he trying to make people think that he is a war hero.
It tells you actions of the elite from our perspectives. Was he really a war hero.
you cant ask if he killed while being a hero. you can support the challenge In this he is showing glittering generalities because he is
making himself look better than he is. He is using ideolgy. It says its his actions of the elite. You can ask if he won a war. You cant ask if he was a true warrior. You could
challenge the arugment. He is using glittering generalites
because he is making himself skinnier
and taller. He is using behavior because he is acting
like a gentlemen. Tells you beliefs from the elite from many
perspectives. You can answer if he was a true gentlemen.
It cant tell you how he really looked. You could support the
challenge He is using glittering generalties
because he is trying to act like a warrior.
It describes ideology. Its tells both because he
thinks that he is a warroir and he tries to behave
like a warrior. His belifes is that he was a warroir.
You can answer that he is a small man. If he was
perpraed for a war at all times or just acted like it.
This challenges the arugment.
He is using bandwagon.
They thought that is should
happen it is also showing
behavior. Its showing his actions
of authorties to the people
from his perspective. He wasnt a very
nice king. It cant prove if he got the people
to believe him. It supports the arugment. Grant Lohmann
Ahmad Elamm
Period: 6
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