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European Sport Management Congress, Istanbul 11-15 September

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Fawaz Alhakmi

on 20 March 2015

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Transcript of European Sport Management Congress, Istanbul 11-15 September

European Association for Sport Management conference in Coventry
9-12 September 2014
Privatization of Saudi sport: Understanding the interplay between strategy and strategizing
Fawaz Alhakami & Vassil Girginov
Brunel University, UK

The privatization of Saudi sport clubs project came to

* Reflect the government desire to diversify sources of income;
* Reduce government spending on sport.

Between 2002-2012 the Saudi government has invested
over £130 million pounds in the privatization of sport clubs.

(MPE, 2012)
Research Question
What is the relationship between strategy and strategizing in the privatization of Saudi Arabian sport clubs?
“from a strategy-as-practice perspective, strategy is conceptualized as a situated, socially accomplished activity, while strategizing comprises those actions, interactions and negotiations of multiple actors and the situated practices that they draw upon in accomplishing that activity”

(Jarzabkowski, 2005)
Case studies selected through a two stage process
* A stratified or restricted sample followed by a random selection
* Personal observations
Semi-structured interviews (Robson, 2002)
* Hierarchical decision-making system
Data Analysis
Interview data were analysed using a thematic narrative approach
(Fenton & Langley, 2011)
* Religious, Social, Economic, and Organisational factors.
* Gap between managers at different levels
* Privatization strategies tend to be ambiguous and under-communicated and were lacking transparency, continuity and stability;
* The privatization strategy is not supported by clear regulations or guidance governing investments in Saudi sports clubs;
* Lack of clear programme of activities in local organizations;
* Lack of institutional support.
* The relationship between organizational power and ownership amongst privatization stakeholders remains unclear;
* Personal interpretations of strategy during the implementation process play a key role;
The strategizing mix
Multiple-case study
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