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Roles of organisations

No description

Demi Clifford

on 18 November 2014

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Transcript of Roles of organisations

Roles of organisations
Each organisation has 5 roles
Meet key aims
Products and services provided
Responsibilty to stakeholders
Environmental and ethical responsibility
Contribute to international and UK economy
Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic have a key objective to 'fly a profitable airline that people love to fly and where people love to work'

The first role of virgin atlantic is to meet the organisations key aims which are:

Their aims
To make a profit
To maximise sales revenue
Increase market share
Ensure compliance with regulations
Make a profit
Maximise sales revenue
to make a profit they try to minismise spending and have low fares.
Chain of distribution, no commision to pay
Virgin Atlantic try to maximise sales revenue in a variety of ways, including trying to have good public relations.
More aims
Increase market share
to increase market share they try to have the best products.
Ensure compliance with regulations
complying with regulatory standards are just the foundation to their business.
they 'embrace diversity' and want to 'nuture a culture where diverse perspectives can help drive our company forward'
Human rights
Products and serivces
they have 3 class serivces on their aircrafts.
they have membership schemes and more
Environmental and ethical resopnisbilty
'sustainability means change'
range of targets
fuel panel group
national laws
international labour convention
United Nations convention on human rights
Responsibilty to stakeholders
flying club- liabilty
shareholders: virgin group and delta airlines
customers can get refunds

Contribution to economies
UK economy
local areas
little businesses
Alton towers
Alton Towers have the same roles and key aims as Virgin Atlantic.

They are part of merlin group which
has a strategy to 'create a high growth, high return, family entertainment. '
And a vision of 'becoming the worldwide leader in branded, location based family entertainment'
Making a profit
Maximise sales revenue
number of rides
outshine competitors
selling extras
unique selling points
return custom
More aims
Increase market share
modern and new rides
widen sales base
specialist markets
Ensure compliance with regulations
abiding acts such as disability discrimination
safety of rides
check ups
Providing products and services
range of products such as: rides, accommodation, food franchises.
Help customer satisfaction
links to making a profit - aim.
Responsibilty to stakeholders
customers- health and safety, providing rides
Employees- pay, safety, training
Shareholders- divedends, communication
link to compliance with regulations- customer and employee safety.
Ethical and environmentally responsibilty
abide by regualtions such as equality act. - linking to compliance of regulations
agree to terms with all suppliers
preservation of historical site they are responsible for
teams to help- traffic management team
recycling and water waste reduction
Contribution to economy
they contribute to UK economy but do not contribute to international economy

domestic tourism
local suppliers
Staffordshire Moorlands district council- improve county image
They are part of TUI

TUI have the strategy to: develop unique designed holidays.

And the values:
customer driven
responsible leadership
value driven
playing to win
Key aims
Make a profit
get more customers
new specialist markets
'2wenty' youth brand
cost down.
Maximise sales revenue
advertising: TV, internet, social networks: facebook, instagram.
new destinations
target new brands: thomsongold
have an app called mythomson
easy website
More aims
Increase market share
variety of specialsit markets
widening sales base with new markets
unique holiday- advantage to competitors
Ensure compliance with regualtions
package holidays and package tour regulation 1992
child protection code
human rights
Products and services provided
package holidays
kids club
attraction tickets
currency exchange
Responsibilty to stakeholders
employees- training, fair pay, safe working place
customers- holiday they booked, safe
shareholders- dividend of profit, communicate
holidays forever programme
sustainable tourism
raise money
save trees
employees volunteer abroad
child protection
educate children in kids clubs and in schools
suppliers abide by health and safety standards and human rights
Contribution to UK and international economy
UK economy
profit made- taxes off it- GDP

spending money abroad
promote local businesses
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