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I Survived The Attack Of September 11, 2001

No description

Zach Miller

on 11 June 2014

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Transcript of I Survived The Attack Of September 11, 2001

The summary of the book is about a boy named Lucas, who loves football. One day when Lucas was playing a football game, and a plane crashed into the first Twin Tower. Uncle Benny was fireman and was taking out the fire, and trying to save as many people as he could. But Uncle Benny was stuck in the fire and couldn't get out. A week later Uncle Benny was at one of Lucas's football games.
Time Period
New York, a football field, and Lucas house.
Lucas- A kid who loves football, he is the round charecter
Uncle Benny- Lucas Uncle and a fireman dynamic character
Lucas's Mom flat character
Lucas's Dad flat character

By: Lauren Tarshis
Presented By: Zach Miller
The Genre is historical fiction, because it took place in the past.
The plot of the story is when, the terrorists crash in to the Twin Towers.
I Survived The Attack Of September 11, 2001
September 11, 2001 in New York
Man vs. Nature. Uncle Benny had to stop the fire

Man vs. Man. The terrorists wanted to damage the twin towers and kill people inside.
Types Of Conflict
Felt sad and scared when the towers crashed
She did not plan to make the attack of September 11, attack but everyone kept asking when she was so she made one anyways
I like this book because, it felt like you where always in the book. Also it had very good descriptive words.
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