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Zombie Presentation

A prezi about the zombie apocalypse. A serious presentation, detailing potential causes, disease vectors, and some things you can do to help survive an invasion. Much more serious and topical than the average zombie prezi.

André Calvo

on 21 September 2015

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Transcript of Zombie Presentation

History of Zombies
First appeared in Haiti
Witch Doctors put people in trances
They woke up as mindless slaves
But they weren't aggressive
And couldn't reproduce
Normal Brain
Neural Effects:
Brain Damage
or Mind Control
Misfolded Proteins
Aren't Alive
Can't be destroyed
"Reproduce" by making other proteins misfold
Major Brain Damage
Example: Mad Cow Disease
Developing dementia
Blurred vision (sometimes)
Lack of coordination (for example, stumbling and falling)

Nervous feelings
Personality changes
confusion, disorientation

Little to no scientific evidence, but it's the most "authentic" type of zombie
The theory goes as follows:
A zombie kills its victim, bringing the disease into the corpse.
It's been proven:
a) When you die, you can be rescusitated
b) Brain death is the irreversible end of all brain activity.
The disease increases as the higher body functions have wasted away
Who is, of course, now a zombie.
There are some problems with this.
1. We don't know what brain functions decay.

2. How can a virus rescusitate its host?
It can't be cured, after all.
A parasite can affect the host's behavior
by altering how it perceives pheromones
Example: Gordian Worm,
Toxoplasma Gondii
Gordian Worm makes mice lose their fear of cats
Gordian Worm makes grasshoppers jump into water
they'll likely spread slowly, since the parasite has to reproduce, and it will be harder to catch disease
Besides, there's no precedent for the zombies being aggressive.
Alters genetics
Can be transmitted by air, water, blood, physical contact...
Robots on a molecular scale
that can move around proteins
Example: Rabies
Based on scientific
projections of the future
An animal is bitten and infected, starts having muscle spasms, becomes extremely aggressive...
Nanobots will be able to invade
your brain and control it.

They can repair damaged brain cells, or destro
Nanobots will be able to invade your brain and control it.
Remind you of anything?

This technology is predicted to exist by 2030.
There's a new type of rabies.
As early as 2030, nanotechnology may be able to rewrite neural connections.
Nanobot Assemblers
Theoretical nanobots that can replicate themselves.
This is how the plague would be passed on.
Parasitical fungus can control host's actions
Spread through spores
Example: Cordyceps
Cordyceps Fungus makes ants climb to exact height above ground
Muscle spasms and lack of coordination similar to zombie symptoms
General Advice:
Don't engage unless you have to
Be prepared for anything
take the road less traveled
A gas mask is vital. If you can't find one, try to manufacture a substitute. Stay away from the infected at all costs.
Probably the least dangerous vector... until you die of thirst. Locate a water purifier if possible, and drink out of water bottles whenever you can.
Bodily Fluids
The zombie will probably try to bite. Avoid getting any zombie blood on you; unfortunately, that means that chainsaws aren't an option. Try to avoid melee combat as much as possible.
Curing a Zombie Disease
depends on source
No cure. If someone is infected, just put them out of their misery.
try to remove it if external
Antivirals are based on specific diseases
Hope for a vaccine
Prevention-wear armor, don't fight them
if not, prevention
likely symptoms: strange rashes
get antifungals
magnetism should kill nanobots
what happens then?
Or Vegetable?
Paper Sickness
Just make the final optional, that usually works.
André Calvo
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