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Ottoman Art & Architecture

No description

Christene Stratman

on 13 May 2015

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Transcript of Ottoman Art & Architecture

Ottoman Art & Architecture
Guiding questions
Who is Sinan?
What characteristics do Ottoman buildings have?
What are some other areas of art in Ottoman culture?
conscripted according to the
became a Janissary and traveled the Empire
"I saw the monuments, the great ancient remains. From every ruin I learned, from every building I absorbed something."
About his travels in Egypt, Persia, Damascus
Sinan was appointed as head of the Royal Architects by Suleiman I.
Suleymaniye Kulliye
Influenced by the Hagia Sophia
Selimiye Complex in Edirne
Over 80 major mosques
Over 50 small mosques
57 religious schools
27 mausoleums
35 palaces
42 public baths
Sinan's Accomplishments
The Blue Mosque
built by a student of Sinan
built from 1609-1616
Turkish Carpets
Turkish Miniatures
small painting on paper
based on Persian and Asian miniatures
Ottoman art has a mixture of Persian, Arabic, Mesopotamian, and European influences
This reflects the diversity of the empire
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