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porch of maidens

No description

Shyanne Nagasako

on 6 May 2013

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Transcript of porch of maidens

By: Shyanne Nagasako The Porch of Maidens Setting Significance Ketos (sea monster) Vase Pandora's box Reflection The porch of maidens located within a greek temple called the Erechtheion the porch over looks the the town of Acropolis of Athens where the monument is located. The porch of maidens was built to represent and symbolize the iconic form of the Erechtheion, it was said that the temple was to replace an outdated Athena temple. The porch of maidens was built between 405BCE and 421BCE. There is a total of six maidens three on left and three on the right on the temple. But one of the maidens was removed by Lord Elgin to decorate his mansion it was later sold to the British museum, legend says that at night the remaining maidens can be heard crying for their lost sister. Each maiden stands on one leg while the other is bent at the knee and balanced at the ball of the foot. This is 7th century BC greek vase which is thought to represent a sea monster with fangs,scales,fins,and long ears. Even though the back half of the figure is missing it has thought that it was once a pitcher for liquids with a hole at the top of it's head and its mouth so that the liquid could be poured in and out of. For its age it is very well preserved it is also thought that the ketos was the influence for the chinese dragon. I choose this artifact because I found the art form and details so fascinating and incredible it must of took a lot of imagination and time to create this piece. After working on this project I learned that the greek culture is heavily influenced by the greek gods many of them are very religious they can be traced back to the stone ages. They are the type of people who are very proud of there country and of there traditions,wines,and food. They are well know for there beautiful art and structures. I hope to visit there in the future and experience there rich culture and traditions for myself. Zeus Hephaestus Epimetheus and Prometheus Pandora Sources http://laurashelfer.net/arthistory2010/?p=183
http://www.buzzle.com/articles/greek-culture.html Envy, Crime, Hate, Disease, & Hope
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