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"Shark Girl" Timeline

4th Quarter IR Project

Lauren Silas

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of "Shark Girl" Timeline

by Kelly Bringham On a sunny day in June, Jane Arrowood and her family went
to the beach. Jane wanted to go for a swim, and her mom wanted Jane's brother to go with her. He didn't want to, so Jane went alone. The End As Jane steps into the cool blue water, her life as she knows it changes forever. She is swimming further and further out into the sea when it happens. There is a fin popping out of the
water. The shark wants Jane. It is coming at her and she doesn't know what to do. She is screaming for help but her family is too far away to hear her. Her brother sees her, and saves her life. She is immediately taken to the hospital and has
her arm amputated. "Shark Girl" Lauren Silas 4th Quarter IR Project While Jane is at the hospital, she meets a boy named Justin. Justin got his leg amputated. Jane loves art, and now that she only has one arm, she is afraid that she will never be able to do art again. Justin really wants Jane to paint him a picture, but Jane insists that she will never be able to do art again. For Justin's birthday, Jane learns that if she never tries she will never succeed, so she decides to paint Justin a picture. He loves the picture, and grins from ear to ear. Jane makes him so happy. In the beginning, Jane wished that she had died that day at the beach. She was embarrassed about what people would think of her, and she was scared about how she would do things that she used to do. In the end, Jane says that she doesn't feel that way anymore. Jane is really scared to go back to school. She is scared what other people are going to think of her. Her friends try to help, but Jane thinks that Angie is trying to change her and not let her be herself. Their friends don't know whose side to be on. Their friends try to help out, and later, Jane and Angie decide to start over, and become friends again.
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