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Pasquotank River basin

No description

Will Huff

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of Pasquotank River basin

The "wildest" river basin
in North Carolina
Pasqotank River Basin Pasquotank River
Basin Facts: Great Dismal Swamp Wildlife Enviroment Dangers Major Municipalities 41% submerged by water
Least populated river basin at 118,913 (2000 census) (in North Carolina)
Most wildlife refugees
10% of the streams are polluted. Agriculture contributes to this
474 miles of rivers and streams
Host many NC landmarks- Bodie Island Lighthouse, Jockey's Ridge, Kill Devil Hills (first airplane flight), major migration routes of birds & Dismal Swamp
10 counties Once covered 2,000 sq. miles
George Washington drained the swamp in 1763
Its now only 600 sq. miles
Largest protected swamp in eastern U.S.
Slaves dug 22-mile-long canal to connect Pasquotank River to Albemarle Sound
Oldest operating canal 400 Species of birds
Rare red wolf
American alligator
Endangered waccamaw killifish
Loggerhead sea turtle
Endangered Manatees
Sunfish Albemarle Sound has some river beds contaminated with fecal coliform bacteria
Certain fish could be contaminated with dioxin (byproduct of paper bleaching)
Habitat destruction- vegetation loss, straightening of streams and water banks, some shellfish beds contaminated by sewage
Kill Devil Hills population has increased at 54.4% from 1990-2000 Elizabeth City
Major industries include tourism, wildlife refugees & farming Water Quality Good water quality
Many bodes of water are awarded with Outstanding Resource Waters
Host some pollution, but very minor Black bear Rare red wolf Waccawma killifish loggerhead sea turtle Manatee common sea gull Waccamaw sunfish Bat American alligator Pasqotank River Basin hopes to see you soon! Tommy and Will Huff
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