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[EN] Minecraft Design 3

No description

My Logiscool

on 7 July 2017

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Transcript of [EN] Minecraft Design 3

Minecraft Design camp
day 3
Redstone basics
With redstone, we can create electronic circuits. In the game, there are several elements that reacts in a way, when they are powered with redstone. For example pistons, note blocks, redstone lamps, etc.. These can be controlled with redstone sources.
Redstone sources
To generate redstone signal, we'll need redstone sources, which will provide redstone signal. There are several kind of sources available, some of them provide signal constantly, while some only for a limited time, but one is common: the maximum length of a redstone signal is 15 blocks.
Redstone components
These components can use redstone in their own way. When signal is received by them, they "do something". The "something" is determined by the block's type
Some of these blocks are:
About pistons...
Pistons are capable of pushing blocks placed next to their "face". When redstone signal received, they extend, when signal lost, they retract.
Sticky piston (the green one) is able to pull blocks apart from pushing. Upon retract, they will pull the pushed block back.
Let's build a
piston door!

Dispenser and dropper
The dispenser and dropper can drop items from them. Dropper just simply drops the items when signal is received.
Dispenser will "use" some items just like a player would use them, e.g.: arrows are fired, mobs are spawned from eggs, and boats are placed on water.
Let's build a dispenser
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