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hurricane vs tornado

No description

khai nguyen

on 6 February 2013

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Transcript of hurricane vs tornado

Hurricanes VS Tornadoes By
Khai Nguyen
Sumanth Patil What is a Hurricane? Tornadoes Hurricanes Images Images Questions What is a Tornado? Questions HURRICANES TORNADOES BOTH Fun Facts About Tornadoes Fun Facts About Hurricanes How Are Hurricanes Named?
When hurricanes are named, the people who name them switch from common boy names to girl names. How Powerful is a Grade 5 Hurricane?
A grade 5 hurricane is as powerful as an atomic bomb going off every 20 minutes. What Country Has the Most Hurricanes?
- America A hurricane is a tornado at sea. The hurricane starts when hot air circles and "chases" cold air. Some things that hurricanes starts are - Floods
- Heavy Winds
- Rain
- Storms What is the highest wind speed ever recorded during a tornado?
318 MPH on May 3, 1999 Why do tornadoes appear most often in grasslands?
It is dry and the land is flat which allows the winds to pick up and move faster. Which year had the most tornadoes?
2011 Hurricane t Tornado A tornado happens when cold wind and hot wind chase each other in a circular formation creating strong winds that range up to 50-200 MPH Some things that tornadoes create are - Chaos - Pain - Storms Both of the natural disasters have high speed winds and they can both create storms. Both of the natural disasters are made from cold air chasing hot air. Some things that hurricanes starts are
- Floods
- Heavy Winds
- Rain
- Storms Some things that tornadoes create are
- Chaos
- Pain
- Storms Hurucane, the Native for hurricane means the evil spirt of the wind. Near the Eye or center of the hurricane is where the most violent storms take place. A grade 1 hurricane named Hurricane Floyd managed to shatter 20 million trees. In USA more than 1000 tornadoes happen. Waterspouts are tornadoes that happen on water rather than land. Thunder storms sometimes give birth to tornadoes.
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