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The Louisiana Purchase 101

No description

Chylee Ridge

on 9 March 2015

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Transcript of The Louisiana Purchase 101

Louisiana Purchase 101
Chylee Ridge
History of the Louisiana Territory
The Louisiana Territory was founded by Rene-Robert Cavalier, a French explorer, who claimed it for France and named it Louisiana , after the King of France during 1682, King Louis XIV. After the French and Indian War, France surrendered and gave the Louisiana Territory to Spain in 1762. Then in 1800, France was able to regain back the Louisiana Territory to Spain in exchange for Eturia, a small kingdom in Italy.
Reasons Why
The Louisiana Territory, mainly the port of New Orleans, was often argued over in terms of who controlled it but that was resolved before the 19th century. The port of New Orleans was a powerhouse in terms of trade. It allowed the U.S. and other countries to import/export goods, increasing the country's economic growth.
After France reclaimed the territory from Spain, France closed the access of New Orleans to all Americans. Thomas Jefferson, the president at this time, knew that the economy would take a huge hit if Americans did not have access to New Orleans so he went with his best option: buying the Louisiana Territory.
Circumstances Continued...
So Thomas Jefferson sends Robert Livingston and later James Monroe to negotiate with a deal with France. After the Haitian Revolution, France needed money and Napoleon turned to his best bet: selling the Louisiana Territory.
The 5 W's of the Purchase
What: The U.S. bought Louisiana Territory from France for 15 million dollars.
Who: Thomas Jefferson, Napoleon, Robert Livingston, and James Monroe
Where: Louisiana Territory, France (where the deal was made)
When: 1803
Why: (U.S.) To reclaim acces back to New Orleans and grow the size of the country. (France) To gain more money to repay debts etc.
Sum up of the Purchase
The Louisiana Purchase was the most important event in Jefferson's first term as president. It was a deal between the U.S. and France which states that France will give the U.S. the 828,000 square miles of the Louisiana Territory in exchange for 15 million dollars. This purchase allows Americans to settle east of the Rocky Mountains, west of the Mississippi River, south of Canada, and north of Mexico.
Impact of the Purchase
When the Louisiana Purchase was made it nearly doubled the size of the United States and did the same for the United States' presence in the world. The economy boomed with regained control over the port of New Orleans and Jefferson was viewed as a hero, securing his second term as president. The purchase impacted many events including, arguably the most well-known, the Lewis and Clark expedition.
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