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Greek and Latin Roots Word Project

String(Strict), Vor, Viv, Tort(Tors), Vict(Vinc), Fract(Frag)

Sam E Dawson

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of Greek and Latin Roots Word Project

Greek/Latin Root Words Project By: Sam E Dawson and Joci Salupo String(Strict) This is a Latin root that means draw tight! Some words that include the root "string(strict)" are:
Stringent, Strict, Constrict, Restrict, and Astringent. Vor The Latin root that means eat greedily! Some words that include the root "vor" are:
Carnivorous, Herbivore, Devour, Voracious and Savor. Viv The Latin root that means alive or live! Some words that include the root "viv" are:
Revive, Survive, Vivid, Vivacious, Vivisection Tort(Tors) The Latin root that means twist! Some words that include the root "tort(tors)" are:
Torture, Retort, Extort, Distort, Contort, Torsion Vict(Vinc) The Latin root that means conquer! Some words that include the root "vict(vinc)" are:
Victor, Evict, Convict, Convince, Invincible Fract(Frag) The Latin root that means break! Some words that include the root "fract(frag)" are:
Fracture, Infraction, Fragile, Fraction, Refract, Fragment The strict teacher restricted the students from talking while in the classroom. The boa constrictor has to constrict it's meal to kill it before eating the entire creature whole. This vivacious baby survived being born premature. The paparazzi use photos and videos to extort many celebrities . The carnivorous lion devoured
the gazelle without savoring
a bite of it because he was
so ravenous. The American victors of the Olymplics have allowed the U.S.A to seem almost invincible. . The girl's arm had a fracture because she'd fallen down the stairs after having an infraction with her boyfriend. Quick Quiz! The (1) teacher didn't allow students to eat in her class saying they looked like rabid animals (2) food. 1.)
A. Strict
B. Fracture
C. Vivacious 2.)
A. Restricting
B. Devouring
C. Torturing The (1) of glass in the mosaic tiles created a (2) landscape with such bright colors that the creation look alive besides the fact the image was a little (3) from being separate pieces. 1.)
A. Astringents
B. Carnivores
C. Fragments 2.)
A. Savory
B. Vivid
C. Extorted 3.)
A. Invincible
B. Distorted
C. Constricted The ability to (1) their bodies helped the U.S. women's gymnastics team to leave the Olympics (2). 1.)
A. Revive
B. Fracture
C. Contort 2.)
A. Victorious
B. Carnivorous
C. Stringent Answers
1.) A- Strict
2.) B- Devouring Answers
1.) C- Fragments
2.) B- Vivid
3.) B- Distorted Answers:
1.) A- Contort
2.) C- Victorious Any Questions?? Sources msu.edu google images
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