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Being a Neonatologist

Everything about becoming and being a neonatologist.

Taylor Evitts

on 20 April 2015

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Transcript of Being a Neonatologist

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
Taylor Evitts
Being a Neonatologist
Career Preparation
Graduate with a Bachelor's Degree
Graduate from Medical School
3 years of residency and pediatric internship
3 years of Neonatology fellowship
Neonatologist figure out and treat a wide range of conditions that occur in newborns such as birth defects, illness, and breathing difficulties. They stabilize newborn babies who are seriously ill make sure they receive necessary care, including the correct nutrition and medication.
Personal Characteristics Needed
You need to love helping people.
Have lots of patience.
Love children and babies.
I love watching medical shows and help people with injuries.
Premature babies interest me.
The personal values that are important to me in this job is that it helps both parents and the premature babies.
Wages and Benefits
Starting wage about $75,000
Average wage about $187,109
Veteran wage up to $250,000
Employment Outlook
The outlook for Neonatologists are very promising and NICUs have a very high demand for them
Personal Assessment
I believe that the occupation of being a neonatologist would be perfect for me because I have always had and interest with prmature infants and have always wanted to have a career involving infants.

This fits my personality because i have always liked helping people with injuries and problems, I ahve always watched medical shows, and i have always wanted to be a doctor. I plan to go to either The University of Virginia or and Ivy Leage College for Under-Grad and Medical School. I also hope that I will have alot of fun being a neonatologist and make lots of families have hope on their infants survival.
You need to learn to become a general pediatrician before becoming a neonatologist. The training program to become a general pediatrician is 3 years long under the guidence of pediatric faculty and is mostly divided between time in the clinic, inpatient wards, and the emergency room.
When doing residency you take care of patients while being closely supervised, go to daily lectures and teaching conferences, and learn to handle pediatric emergencies by working night shifts in the hospital. You are also expected to participate for 1 to 2 months at a time of a wide range of pediatric subspecialties such as pediatric intensive care and neonatal intensive care
After finishing pediatric training, 3 years of additional training called "neonatology fellowship" is required. the time is usually divided between taking care of sick babies in the neonatal intensive care unit, under consistent supervision of licensed neonatologist, and clinical or science based research.learning to handle everything in the neonatal field including neonatal problems and diseases as well as planning, carrying out, and writing an article about a research project related to newborn care.
the study of the development and disorders of newborn children.
Job Description
Radiant warmers
cardiorespiratory monitor
Infant ventilators
oscillator or high frequency oscillatory ventilator
Phototherapy lights or bili lights
blood gas machine
The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is a area of the hospital specialty devoted to care for the critically ill babies.
You can find NICU's in most hospitals all around the country but it always found in the various childrens hospitals all around the country
Education Needed
Most sciences Such as:
And introduction to the medical field like at most Health-Science High School Specialty Centers
Under-Grad Degree
Medical school
UVA School of Medicine
Dartmouth Medical School
Duke University School of Medicine
Yale University School of Medicine
Harvard Medical School
Work Setting
A Full time job
Work on evenings, holidays, and weekends
Infants need 24 hour supervision
Work more than 61 hours a week
Shifts can last 30 hours or more
must be avalible on call
Work in the NICU
Labor and Delivery Rooms for High-Risk Pregnancies
The job would be stressful from:
Lack of sleep
trying to keep your composure in stressfull situations
working in a team
having to think and act quickly to ensure the infants are getting the best care for their survival
working in a team so their can be different sleeping shifts
being able to help infants by thinking very quickly
Lack of sleep
Stressfull situations
Medical Practice Insurance
Disability Insurance
Life Insurance
15 days of paid vacation per academic year
5 days of paid professional leave per academic year to attend conferencesnces
5 days of paid sick leave for each year of training program.
Yes, I believe that the job of a neonatologist provides enough income and benefits per year to live a happy life.
Neonatology in Action
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