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Intellivisit Master Mission Plan

No description

James Carlson

on 12 January 2016

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Transcript of Intellivisit Master Mission Plan

Rollout Kit Elements
Rollout Campaign Concept
Intellivisit Side Effects May Include: Separation Anxiety
In order to execute a coordinated campaign launch that spurs user engagement we need a "through-line" (creative concept) around which to organize communication efforts so that we...

1) Raise Brand Awareness
2) Deliver a "Call to Action"
Why a "Side Effects" Campaign?

Tongue in cheek, everybody knows how ridiculous the "side effects" warnings can be, and finds humor in them.
Separation Anxiety sounds medical enough...without being a scary/serious disease.
With Intellivisit, Clinicians and Patients will be seeing less of each other...it works in both directions!

By introducing separation anxiety as a side effect of the humorous things you'll miss by not needing to go to the clinic anymore, we can "cure" your condition with creative executions and treatments...while continuing to raise awareness and call people to action!
The scratchy white paper you got to sit on while on the examination table.
You'll Miss...
Catching up on Reader's Digests from the early 1990's and exposing your kids to the joys of "Highlights" Magazine.
You'll Miss...
Clipboards. They used to be everywhere, now the Doctor's office is like the ONLY place you get to use them!
You'll Miss...
Your patient's faces :(
You'll Miss...
The feng shui of the exam room
You'll Miss...
Feeling like you're the last survivor in a zombie movie - when else do you get to sit in a room ful of people who look 3/4's dead when all you have are the sniffles?
You'll Miss...
...so we'll depict people in their homes & offices using their mobile device or computer while sitting on that same paper covering a couch, desk chair, etc.
...so we'll set up a first person video you can watch that makes you feel like you're in the Walking Dead
...so we'll set up an online library of "health-fies" (selfies taken when healthy and actually looking good) of Intellivisit users for you to scroll through.
...so we'll provide access to a "library" of free online magazines, puzzles and games
...so we'll illustrate how ridiculous it looks to use a mobile phone affixed to a clipboard.
...so we'll create a desktop background you can use on your computer that you use to "treat" patients using Intellivisit
Health System POV:
- health systems adding physicians
- at a massive loss for first 5 years
- (cost to add capacity is huge)
- sales message: intellivisit is how you grow capacity quickly, efficiently (scale)

"retail and urgent care is a bad solution to an even worse problem"
Sponsored lives = 100,000
I"ve set up my profile (activation):
I"ve used Intvellivisit how many times per year (utilization):
I started an Intellivisit and completed it:
careful - they like seeing patients
now they get to see the patients that NEED them, not the quick, 2.5 minute hits on folks that could be fixed using IV
Demand Side campaign
"Sam just saved X hours from using Intellivisit"
Training Script
How do we support the people who will activate the brand story through the Payloads we have designed?
LHI/RCW 5k - March 1, 2016 Launch
Gunderson 200k
Serigraph 1k (Q1 2016)
Interra [Wauk. Cty, City, Schools.] 25-30k (Q1 2016)
Aurora S. WI 100k+
now "About Health" needs to spur it (as of 12/15/15)
What are the concepts and stories around which we will activate the brand?
Don't Dream it... Intellivisit.
Museum of Healthcare Past
Primary Care On Your Terms
Doctors don't use system
Clinicians don't promote the service
Users do not sign up
Brand dilution from co-branding
Health system marketing departments - "mailing + sign" + blockers
Sustainability - repeat Intellivisits
Current # of users
240 Memorial users
60 visits
What are we tracking along the way?
Completed Profiles
Intellivisits - uses of the app to complete a 'visit'
Social shares on inbound campaign
Customer satisfaction scores - ranked scale in-app
Clinician satisfaction - ranked scale
Clinician engagement - attended training, hung poster, etc.
- notification letter
- in-clinic stuffer
- in-clinic poster/display
- robo-call
- in clinic signage
- tchotchke
- eBlast
- Search & Social paid ads*
- Social media content
- Microsite
- eBlast #2
- Search & Social paid ads*
- Social media content
- eLearning module
Intellivisit is the driver
$300,000 for year 1 budget
Basic orientation
- Explainer
Emergency departments
* Discharge instructions
- correspondence stuffer
- in-clinic poster/display x 2
- clinic incoming call scripts
- in person in-clinic script
- lab coat button
I can transfer you to the nurse on call,
we can do this through intellivisit,
or you can come in.
- passion in the message for doctors
- "It's coming, new way to care, new way to do job"
- Place to go to learn
Meeting agenda

Plan how to engage
the clinic staff

What are the elements of the brand mission that will be deployed throughout?
Barriers to accessing primary care, combined with your busy life make the thought of easy/accurate primary care seem like a far off dream. It all just seems so difficult...leaving you with, seemingly, only two choices: Dream of an easier way...OR use Intellivisit and get primary care the easy way.
We show a young, single mom trying to squeeze enough hours out the day to provide for her family, raise her children, etc. feeling sick and worry about how she will possibly find enough time to go visit her doctor. A dream bubble then appears depicting her world with Intellivisit - Showing her spending quality time with her kids, excelling at work, etc. The way we see it, she has two options when primary care isn’t easy, she can dream about it being easier OR she can use Intellivisit. We will also incorporate ‘success’ stories of existing Intellivisit users in this campaign.

These successes can live in a variety of ways, from interviews/video clips to still images and written stories.

Tactical Elements:
Foundational Microsite
Initial Email notification linking to microsite with video
Intellivisit Sign-up posters depicting side by side comparison of dreamworld and real-world.
Quarter sheet handout when leaving in-office clinic

The way primary health care is delivered today should be relegated to the history books. So let’s put them there! Through a modern (online/offline) museum that looks to ‘past’ and displays what’s wrong with primary care today, we will show the value of Intellivisit through a faux museum and supporting materials (virtual gallery, posters, etc.)
Initial email inviting sponsored lives to take the virtual tour of museum of clinics past (or notification letter driving them to the site)
Exhibits include: Crowded waiting rooms, old magazines, old-school scales, etc.
In clinic the museum exhibits will be brought to life on posters, re-creating the virtual museum in a cost-effective way
The final “museum” exhibit will be a ‘Intellivisit while you wait’ station
Historical “re-enactment” videos
Throwback, documentary style videos of people recalling the absurdity of the old ways… “ancestors” having to wait forever in a primary care waiting room, etc.
Post physician visit in clinic - receive a ticket to the museum which also includes the call to action to visit the site
Manager’s “only” museum tour to demo Intellivisit and use them as influencers with their direct reports. They can then provide tickets to their employees and answer questions
Social media posts announcing new installments of each element of the virtual museum
Include a blurb in the company newsletter: “We are making the downfalls of the primary care model a thing of the past… join us in making Intellivisit the future.”

Because Intellivisit allows you to access primary care on your own terms, It is like having a whole team of doctors in your pocket. To do this we will concept a video depicting a juxtaposition of primary care into your everyday activities, on your terms. Showing that using Intellivisit allows you to access primary care throughout your day at any lull in your schedule.
Initial email with link to Video posted on microsite
Depictions of individuals from the video on various posters in the clinic.
Headline: Intellivisit - primary care on your terms.
“Where do you Intellivisit” Share campaign asking social media users to “check in” where he or she just used Intellivisit
Post clinic visit quarter sheet: Spoof of a “Terms and Services” agreement for using Intellivisit that is SUPER straightforward:

On your terms. Wherever you are. Whenever you need it.

link to microsite
Easy healthcare… It’s about time.
Mobile tech has transformed our lives in virtually every way. It’s time it transformed primary care as well. This campaign focuses on the evolution of our modern life and positions Intellivisit as the next big thing everyone should have. The rest of the world has evolved… So should primary care.
“Then vs. Now” Campaign imagery that positions Intellivisit being as easy to use as other modern technology we all take for granted
Taxi -> Uber
Payphone -> cell phone
Writing a check and sending in mail -> online bill pay
same tactics as others - microsite, eblasts, social media, etc.

200 years ago
Things we used to do in healthcare and no longer do
Electroshock therapy?
Waiting Rooms?
Enables simple comparison to everyday activity in other domains
Complements other campaign messages
May influence late-adopters and the mainstream adopter
First Visit
First Intellivisit
First Intellivisit
native apps target Q216
Not just new but different
Artificial Intelligence
Mobile - time and space
present brand concepts
Examples of regional, TV news story we want to generate upon launches:

- http://www.kulr8.com/story/30711055/st-vincent-healthcare-offers-treatment-from-the-comfort-of-your-own-home

- http://denver.cbslocal.com/2015/12/10/doctor-on-demand-service-provides-new-way-to-get-medical-advice/

PricewaterhouseCooper 2016 Crystal Ball
(see #3)

Examples of regional print news story we want to generate upon launches:

Example of press release announcing new, major customers by TelaDoc:

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