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Detailed Lesson Plan in Grade IV

No description

Tita Tulbo

on 12 April 2014

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Transcript of Detailed Lesson Plan in Grade IV

I. Objectives:
a.Identify words that describe people, places, and things.
b. give example of sentences with descriptive words.

Detailed Lesson Plan in Grade IV
II. Subject Matter:
a. Topic: Adjectives
b. Reference: Books in Grade IV
c. Materials: Chart, picture, worksheets
d. Value Focus: Cooperation and unity
III. Procedure:
a. Presentation:
1. Prayer
2. Song
3. Checking of attendance

b. Motivation:
Class Who can recall about the part of speech?
Do you tell know words that describe a noun?
Ok, Very good.
Do you know the words that describe a Noun?
Ok, I will discuss...

c. Proper Discussion:
1. Presentation:
But before that please listen to the story in titled "Ill give it back to you."
2. Discussion:
Base on the story that you've heard.
Who is the young girl?
What did she saw ta first?
How about in the second time?

3. Engagement activity
Lets have groupings. First group at the left side, second on the right side.
I will give a picture and then you are going to describe it it a form of sentences using adjectives.
4. Generalization:
Adjectives is a word used to describe a noun or a pronoun. It can be found before noun and sometimes after a verb.
5. Application:
In using adjective, it should be found before noun and after the verb.
IV. Evaluation:
Encircle the adjective in each of the sentence.
1. He carried a heavy stone yesterday.
2. She likes to eat sweet fruits.
3. Do not eat if your hands are dirty.
4. The monster is a very strong.
5.She is pretty.
6. Her son is very lazy.
7. The spider has a long legs.
8. Nina bake a sweet cake.
9. Jay is a good boy.
10. Liza is a good singer.
V. Assignment:
Make a sentence at least 5 using adjectives. Write it in a 1/2 sheet of paper.
I. Objective:
a. Identify words that describe people, places, and things.
b. Given example of sentences with descriptive words.
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