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Lord of the Flies and Lost

No description

sam thomson

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Lord of the Flies and Lost

Lord of the Flies and Lost Piggy and Hurley
I think Piggy and Hurley are a lot alike because they both are kind of shy they dont really put a lot of imput to help the group. They both seem kind of cowardly because they dont get into convertions and aguments. They both seem to stay with the person that was incontrole from the very begining. When they do put in input it usaly helps out a lot. Piggy (Lord of the Flies) Shy
In the novel Piggy seems to be shy, one thing that help me know this is that he dosnt want to tell his ideas to the group Smart
Piggy show somwhat smart, most of Piggy's ideas where good and could help them survive Disrespected
For the character Piggy he doesnt seem that resected for what he does for the group Ralph (Lord of the Flies) Cowardly
I see Piggy being a coward beacause when Jack took his glasses to help make the fire he didn't do anything Loyal
Piggy is lowal in the because he stays with Ralph threw the whole book even tho no one eles did Reliable
Ralph seems reliable to me becasue he was one of the childeren that stayed civilized and tryed to get of the island Clever
I see Ralph being clever because in the novel he uses the counch to get the groups attention at the begining Faithful
Ralph is faithful in the novel because he is one of the kids that thinks that they will get off the island Mature
Unlike the others in the group except Piggy stayed civilized and didn't become a savage responsible
He is responsible because at the begining of the book he took controle over the group and took care of the group when know one else did Ralph and Jack
The main reason I think that these characters are a lot alike because they are the main people and more of a leader. They seem reliable and doing what was best for group. They are both clever because they do things by just using the things around them.
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