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2016 Annual Review

No description

Billy Hester

on 2 October 2017

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Transcript of 2016 Annual Review

2016 Annual Review
Consider the imagery...
Look at the city logo, specifically the hump.

Consider the climb that is required to get over the crest. In life, we always seek to “climb over that next hill.” In our local government, we are no different. While there are still hills to climb, I am happy to report that we are now cresting over a few of those as we enter into 2017.
2016's "gone to the dogs..."
Trunk-or-Treat brings out thousands!
1,784 tons of asphalt laid
K-9's take $110,000 of drugs off the streets
Credited After-School and Day Camp Program begins
$1,854,079 of building projects
The Financial Picture
Fiscal Year 2015-2016
Fiscal Year 2016-2017
The Commercialization Station
$2.54 Million Grant
to revitalize a space for entrepreneurs

Economic Development
Ongoing Projects
Sidewalk Incentive Program
Other Improvements
Street Paving
Tennis Court Project
10,000 cubic yards of shale removed
24 vaults replaced through
AEP Upgrade Project
Three residences participated
467 linear feet of curbing poured
787 square feet of sidewalk poured
36-month, 0% interest loan
Billing added to city fees
Now paving city every 37 years
3.9 miles or 17 streets paved
4,095 tons of asphalt poured
6,038 square yards of milling
Public Works
Building Inspection
Police Department
Code Enforcement
Fire Department
Information Technology
Bluefield Area Transit
Bluefield Storm Water
Parks and Recreation
After-School and Day Camp Program
Community Partner Highlight
Bluefield Regional Medical Center
Princeton Community Hospital
Raleigh General Hospital
Beckley ARH
December 2016 Scores
“the reason for the measure and public report is to facilitate improvements in the health of the population by informing consumers about high or low quality providers and to provide information to hospitals that they can act upon to improve the care they deliver.” - Derek Cimala, BRMC CEO
"BRMC Ranks Well in Medicare Hospital Ratings"
Jaycee Field Clean-Up

City Hall Update
Garbage Truck Facelift
"Love Where You Live" is more than a special project once a year. It is something we all should participate in each week in our neighborhoods.
260 Foot Journey - Church Parking Lot Project
466 building permits issued with a value of $1,854,079
$200,000 investment in program
47 buildings razed
How the Demolition Program Works...
$316,254.17 in donations and grants raised
"Effective tools, produce outstanding results!"
Over $5.8 million in improvements
Serves area children, ages 5-13
Provides safe, healthy environment
Tutoring and homework services
Snacks/Meals provided
Some transportation to program available
Focuses on development of education values, physical fitness, social and emotional skills, and creativity in students
Price Structure

Child Care Program*
$220 for first child month and
$200 per additional child per month

After School Daily

Day Camp Daily

*includes both after school and day camps
Partners in Health Race Series

Bluefield 5K Color Run
May 7

Trail Days 5K
May 14

Glow Run
May 20

Two Virginias 5K Challenge
August 27

Elswick 5K Scholarship Challenge
September 17

Holiday of Lights 5K Challenge
December 3
2016 Race Series Winners
Male Champion
Butch Currence, 75
Bluefield, West Virginia

Female Champion
Tabitha Price, 31
Bluefield, Virginia
2016 West Virginia Transit Excellence Awards
Best Management Innovation Award
Good Neighbor Award
Passenger Increase Award
basins, pipes, and ditches cleaned
Efficient Equipment= Better Results
3,262 miles
of street swept
Did you know the average street sweeper speed is 7 mph!
2,301 tons
of debris removed
Old Sweeper Truck
1-3 mpg
Two large diesel engines
New Sweeper Truck
13-16 mpg
One engine unit
Network connections were doubled
Back-up generator connections completed
12 machines replaced
Internal firewall upgraded to protect personal information shared with the city
365 submissions with 354 processed

#1 - Pothole/Street Repair
#2 - Overgrown Weeds and Grass
#3 - Leaf Pick-Up
Human Resources
"Best Bluefield in the Best Virginia" Winner!
Hydration and exercise focus in employee health challenge
"Train as if your life depends on it"
Narcan/Naloxone administration training
K-9 Training in Maine
Natural Gas Training
EMT Recertification
"Max Fire Box" Training
Fire Instructor I & II Courses
Rescue Tool Extrication Class
CPR Recertification
Daily Training
Community Drills
Evacuation Plans
Community Service

"A benefit to living in city limits is having code enforcement officers who ensure property values are protected and neighborhoods are kept in good order."
Animal control is another service provided by code enforcement officers. While emotional at times, it is sometimes the most rewarding.
1) Inspections for property safety/viability
2) Summons, notification, and ruling
3) Abatement and demolition
4) Recoup costs
Large Building Projects:
New home on Oak Grove
Renovation of The Big Whiskey BBQ Co.
Construction of Finish Line Car Wash
Expanded bed space at Recovery Point: Four Seasons
New townhouse development Devonshire Court
First electric car charging stations at The Bluefield Inn
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